List of Endorsers

Founding Organizations:

  1. Alliance for Global Justice
  2. Black Alliance for Peace
  4. Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
  5. International Action Center
  6. Liberty Tree Foundation
  7. MLK Justice Coalition
  8. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
  9. Popular Resistance
  10. United National Antiwar Coalition
  11. U.S. Peace Council
  12. Veterans For Peace
  13. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom— US Section
  14. World Beyond War

Organizational Endorsements:

  1. Daniel Brown, Director, Rite of Strings, Success, WA
  2. Dr. F. Taylor, Coordinator, Hilton Head for Peace, Hilton Head, SC
  3. Agneta Norberg, Chair, Sveriges Fredsråd, Hägersten, Sweden
  4. Tyson Smith Berry Jr., Country Representative, 4kids International, Paynesville City, Monrovia
  5. Jill Gough, National Secretary, CND Cymru, Llandysul, Wales
  6. Mohammed Humran, Yemen Geography Society, Sanaa, Yemen
  7. Yosi McIntire, Officer/Director, Across The Straits, St. Augustine, FL
  8. Will Thomas, Coordinator, Veterans For Peace, Auburn, NH
  9. Matthias Reichl, Spokesperson, Center for Encounter and Active Non-Violence, Bad Ischl, Austria
  10. Frank Dorrel, Publisher, ADDICTED To WAR, Culver City, CA
  11. Jessica Coco, National Coordinator, Movement 4 Peoples’ Democracy, Staten Island, NY
  12. Blase Bonpane, Ph.D., Director, OFFICE OF THE AMERICAS, Santa Monica, CA
  13. Bart Bolger, Chairperson, Veterans For Peace, Linus Pauling Chapter, Corvallis, OR
  14. Andrea Miller, Executive Director, People Demanding Action, Ruther Glen, VA
  15. Catherine Hunt, Co-Chair, PDA NJ, Monroe Twp, NJ
  16. Geoff Holland, Facilitator, World Peace Now, Cairns, Australia
  17. S. Wolf Britain, Human Rights and Civil Liberties Advocate, Wolf ‘s Enterprises Human and Civil Rights Advocacy, Whitefish, MT
  18. Margaret Flowers, Co-director, Popular Resistance, Baltimore, MD
  19. Janet Tucker, Co-Chair, National Coordinator, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, New Castle, PA
  20. Patty Guerrero, Women Against Military Madness, St. Paul, MN
  21. Lisa Savage, Maine Natural Guard, Solon, ME
  22. Gary May, President, Veterans For Peace, Chapter 104, Newburgh, IN
  23. Heinrich Buecker, Owner, Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin, Germany
  24. Carl Rising-Moore, International Director,Sustainable Environment and Agricultural Society, Kabankalan, Philippines
  25. Karen Beck, Sophia Healing Arts, Syracuse, NY
  26. Alicia Jrapko, US Coordinator, International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, Oakland, CA
  27. Joe Manchik, Green Party candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District, Green Party of the United States, Reynoldsburg, OH
  28. Kathy Kelly, Co-Coordinator, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Chicago, IL
  29. Winnie Foster, Director, Sojourner Truth Center, St. Petersburg, FL
  30. Ron Fisher, Executive Director,, Arlington, VA
  31. Ellen Rosser, President, World Peace Now, Point Arena, CA
  32. JO Hayward-Haines, Kawartha Ploughshares, Ennismore, Canada
  33. David Gibson, Staff Coordinator, Peace, Justice, Sustainability Florida, Coconut Creek, FL
  34. Jonathan Jay, Designer,, Kappa Kauaii, HI
  35. Howard Traxmor, Fort Wayne For Peace, Fort Wayne, IN
  36. Denis Doherty, National Coordinator, Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition, Sydney, Australia
  37. Bohdi Jansen, Architect, Edge Design Studio Architects, Johannesburg, South Africa
  38. Jacob Hornberger, President, The Future of Freedom Foundation, Fairfax, VA
  39. Thomas Knapp, Director, William Lloyd Garrison Center for Libertarian Advocacy Journalism, Gainesville, FL
  40. Daniel Gilman, President, Veterans For Peace, Greater Seattle Chapter 92, Seattle, WA
  41. Vincent Emanuele, Co-Founder & Special Events Coordinator, Politics Art Roots Culture (PARC), Michigan City, IN
  42. Bob Goodman, Steering Committee member, Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition, Decatur, GA
  43. Russell Ziemba, Coordinator, Historic Action Network, Troy, NY
  44. Albert Sargis, Founder/Director, Friedrich Engels Institute for Marxist War and Military Analysis (FEIMWAMA), Oakland, CA
  45. Steve Trinward, Soul Proprietor, trinWORDS Editing Services, Nashville, TN
  46. NR Davis, Owner, Grateful Dread Peace Media, Nashville, TN
  47. Jared Labell, Executive Director, The Libertarian Institute; Executive Director, Taxpayers United, Chicago, IL
  48. Max Obuszewski, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, Baltimore, MD
  49. Stephan Steins, Spokesman, FbK (Friedensbewegung bundesweite Koordination), Germany
  50. Ruth-Claire Weintraub, CEO, Crit Design, Huntington Station, NY
  51. Phil Wilayto, Member, Steering Committee, Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality, Richmond, VA
  52. Jerry Rivers, Environmental Scientist, North American Climate, Conservation and Environment (NACCE), Roosevelt, NY
  53. Elaine Marie Kinch, Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice, Racine, WI
  54. Jane Stillwater, President, Century of the Child, Berkeley, CA
  55. George Ebert, Coordinator, Mental Patients Liberation Alliance, Sterling, NY
  56. Carl Gentile, CEO, Labor Union Advocates, Frederick, MD
  57. Barby Ulmer, Director, Our Developing World, Saratoga, CA
  58. Georgina Shanley, Co-Founder, Citizens United for Renewable Energy (CURE), Ocean City, NJ
  59. Dr. F. Taylor, Coordinator, Hilton Head for Peace, Hilton Head, SC
  60. Father Claude Mostowik msc, President, Pax Christi Australia, Sydney South, Australia
  61. Jana Mariposa Niernberger Muhar, Owner, Mariposa Habitat Nursery, Santa Rosa, CA
  62. Bob Waldrop, Founder, Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House, Oklahoma City, OK
  63. Issam Makoul, Former Member of Knesset; Chairperson, Emil Touma Institute for Palestinian and Israeli Studies, Haifa, Israel
  64. Eric Garris, Founder,, West Hollywood, CA
  65. Charles Bausman, Editor, Russia Insider, Greenwich, CT
  66. Robert Hanson, Treasurer, Democratic World Federalists, San Francisco, CA
  67. Helma Fammler, Düsseldorf, Germany
  68. Ignasi Orobitg gene, Responsable, Sumar Plegats, Sabadell, Spain
  69. Gar Smith, Co-founder, Environmentalitsts Against War, Berkeley, CA
  70. Nick Luhring, CEO, Luhring Media, Alexandria, VA
  71. James Jordan, National Co-Coordinator, Alliance for Global Justice, Tucson, AZ
  72. David Rothauser, Founder, Memory Productions, Chestnut Hill, MA
  73. Babette Grunow, Coordinator, Latin America Solidarity Committee, Milwaukee, WI
  74. James M. Branum, Exec. Director, Center for Conscience in Action, Oklahoma City, OK
  75. Norma J. F. Harrison, Member, Central Committee, Peace and Freedom Party, Berkeley, CA
  76. Russell Wray, Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats (COAST), Hancock, ME
  77. Suzanne Al-Kayali, Director, Women Against Military Madness, Minneapolis, MN
  78. Sanford Yee, Board Member, Hawai’i Peace and Justice, Honolulu, HI
  79. Shirley Winton, Co-ordinator, Spirit of Eureka – Victoria, Australia
  80. Stephanie Rugoff, National Office Staff, World Can’t Wait, New York, NY
  81. Dave Webb, Chair, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, London, UK
  82. Alfred Clayton, Treasurer, Green Party of New Jersey, Brick, NJ
  83. Chris Monagle, CEO, Peace Train Inc., Manchester, WA
  84. Dave Petrovich, Organizer, People For A New Society (PFANS), Oakhurst, NJ
  85. Nash Singh, Projects Manager, Conscious Events, Johannesburg, South Africa
  86. Angela Smith, National Coordinator/Co-Founder, HEAL, Seattle, WA
  87. Richard Mahlahla, Founder President, Love Zimbabwe Assembly Trust, Middlesbrough, UK
  88. Lynda Forbes, Convener and Secretary, Hunter Peace Group, Rankin Park, Australia
  89. Karl Schwarz, Managing Director, CEO, Tokata Nanotech Group sro, Prague, Czech Republic
  90. Gerd Berlev, Coordinating, Tid til fred – aktiv mod krig, Copenhagen, Denmark
  91. Alex Fischer, Beyond Capitalism Working Group, Bethlehem, PA
  92. Nelson and Ola Wight, UU Church, Belfast, ME
  93. Larry Kerschner, Veterans For Peace, Rachel Corrie Chapter 109, Centralia, WA
  94. James Hufferd, Coordinator,, Adel, IA
  95. Dianne Rhodes, Director, Rising 4 the Right to a Healthy Environment, Naples, FL
  96. Treena Lenthall, Peace Convergence, Brisbane, Australia
  97. Rasigan Maharajh, Chief Director, Institute for Economic Research on Innovation, Tshwane, South Africa
  98. Laura Knight, CEO, Quantum Future Group, Inc., Otto, NC
  99. Gwyn Kirk, Co-coordinator, Women for Genuine Security, Oakland, CA
  100. Caroline Allard, Chairman, Motif Exotikos, Dolbeau-Mistassini, Canada
  101. Joe Eldred, Vice-Chairman, The Paleolibertarian Caucus, Central Valley, NY
  102. Peter Bergel, Board Member, Oregon PeaceWorks, Salem, OR
  103. Ekkehard Lentz, Speaker, Bremer Friedensforum, Bremen, Germany
  104. SOA Watch, Washington D.C.
  105. William Garcia, Pacifist Unite, Costa Mesa, CA
  106. Ludo De Brabander, Spokesperson,Vrede vzw, Gent, Belgium
  107. Kathleen Gilberd, Executive Director, Military Law Task Force of the National Lawyers Guild, Lemon Grove, CA
  108. Martin Sawma, Co-Chair, PCUSA Peace and Solidarity Commission, Staten Island, NY
  109. Darryl W. Perry, CEO, Liberty Lobby LLC, Keene, NH
  110. Rick Sterling, Board President, Task Force on the Americas, Walnut Creek, CA
  111. Miguel Figueroa, Canadian Peace Congress, Toronto, Canada
  112. James Clement van Pelt, Promoting Enduring Peace, New Haven, CT
  113. Ellen Thomas, Co-Chair, Disarm/End Wars Committee, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom – US Section, Tryon, NC
  114. Martin Schwander, Member of Secretariat, Swiss Peace Movement, Oberburg, Switzerland
  115. Ellen Thomas, Proposition One Campaign for a Nuclear-Free Future, Tryon, NC
  116. Mary Hanson Harrison, President, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Des Moines, IA
  117. Elsa Rassbach, CODEPINK Germany, Berlin, Germany
  118. Romina Beitseen, Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament (CICD), Diamond Creek, Australia
  119. Carol Moore, Libertarians for Peace, Washington, DC
  120. Vernon Huffman,, Everett, WA
  121. Manuel Pardo, Third Secretary, Foro Contra la Guerra Imperialista y la OTAN, Madrid, Spain
  122. Gar Smith, Co-founder, Environmentalitsts Against War, Berkeley, CA
  123. Carmen Morente Muñoz, Plataforma Simón Bolívar, Atarfe, Spain
  124. Alexander Fischer, Beyond Capitalism, Bethlehem, PA
  125. James Jordan, National Co-Coordinator, Alliance for Global Justice, Tucson, AZ
  126. Kathy Kelly, Co-coordinator, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Chicago, IL
  127. Douglas Olson, Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace (BACP), Brainerd, MN
  128. Max Obuszewski, Founder, Baltimore Nonviolence Center, Baltimore, MD
  129. Robert Steele, Earth Intelligence Network, Oakton, VA
  130. Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, Brunswick, ME
  131. Alicia Jrapko, US national coordinator, International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity, Oakland, CA
  132. Jerry Rivers, Environmental Scientist, North American Climate, Conservation and Environment, Roosevelt, NY
  133. Kevin Martin, President, Peace Action, Silver Spring, MD
  134. Howard Traxmor, Fort Wayne For Peace, Fort Wayne, IN
  135. Ethan Vesely-Flad, Director of National Organizing, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Asheville, NC
  136. Stephanie Lenn, Editor, Real Progressives, Miami, FL
  137. Zain Raza, Founder & Senior Editor, acTVism Munich, Munich, Germany
  138. Courtney Childs, Chair, Peace and Solidarity Committee, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS), Corvallis, OR
  139. Patricia Hynes, Director, Traprock Center for Peace and Justice, Montague, MA
  140. Dave Webb, Chair, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Leeds, UK
  141. Jay Levy, Co-chair, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Takoma Park, MD
  142. Iraklis Tsavdaridis, Executive Secretary, World Peace Council (WPC), Athens, Greece
  143. Milan Krajca, Chairman, Czech Peace Movement, Prague, Czech Republic
  144. Harald Reppesgaard, Chairman, Norway For Peace, Trondheim, Norway
  145. Ibrash Pasha, Secretary, Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council, Timergara, Pakistan
  146. Rabindra Adhikari, Co-ordinator, Nepal Peace & Solidarity Council, Kathmandu, Nepal
  147. Romina Beitseen, Secretary, Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament (CICD), Carlton South, Australia
  148. Steve Krevisky, Spokesperson, CT Peace and Solidarity Coalition, Middletown, CT
  149. Chris Schweitzer, Director, New Haven Leon Sister City Project, New Haven, CT
  150. Stelios Sofocli, Cyprus Peace Council, Nicosia, Cyprus
  151. Bernadette Ellorin, Chairperson, BAYAN USA, Jackson Heights, NY
  152. Miguel Figueroa, Acting President, Canadian Peace Congress, Toronto, Canada
  153. Rev Bruce Wright, Executive Director/Pastor, Refuge Ministries Tampa Bay/International, St. Petersburg, FL
  154. Barbara Humphrey, Founder, Savannah Justice and Peace Collective, Savannah, GA
  155. Ann Tiffany, Interim Treasurer, Upstate Drone Action, Syracuse, NY
  156. Nick Deane, Convenor, Marrickville Peace Group, Sydney, Australia
  157. Stephanie Rugoff, National Office Staff, World Can’t Wait, New York, NY
  158. Annette Brownlie, Chairperson, Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN), Coorparoo, Australia
  159. Pete Doktor, Co-founder, Hawai’i Okinawa Alliance (HOA), Honolulu, HI
  160. Judith Bello, Rochester Peace Action and Education, Webster, NY
  161. Byron Plumley, Loretto Peace Committee, Denver, CO
  162. Henry Lowendorf, Co-Chair, Greater New Haven Peace Council, New Haven, CT
  163. Jesse Låkahë Heiwa, Co-founder, Queer People Of Color Action, Manahatta, Turtle Island
  164. Maurice Carney, Friends of the Congo, Washington, DC
  165. William Preston, Vice President, Movement for People’s Democracy, Fulton, MD
  166. Ken Stone, Treasurer, Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War, Hamilton, CA
  167. Maud Easter, Steering Committee Coordinator, Women Against War, Delmar, NY
  168. Tony Jenkins, Managing Director, International Institute on Peace Education, Washington, DC
  169. Jacqueline Cabasso, National Co-convener, United for Peace and Justice, New York, NY
  170. Kaveh Razani, Owner and CEO, 2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center, St. Louis, MO
  171. Thomas Bias, National Secretary, Labor Fightback Network, Flanders, NJ
  172. Rich Whitney, Vice-Chair, Illinois Green Party, Carbondale, IL
  173. Judith Bello, Founding Member, Upstate (NY) Drone Action, Webster, NY
  174. Tracy W. Powell, Founder, No More Bombs, Fidalgo Island, WA
  175. Russell Wray, President, Citizens Opposing Active Sonar Threats (COAST), Hancock, ME
  176. Bill Scheurer, Executive Director, On Earth Peace, New Windsor, MD
  177. William Jacoby, President, 9/11 Truth Action Project, Claverack, NY
  178. Patrick Boylan, Delegate, U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice — Rome, Italy
  179. Jerry Rivers, Environmental Scientist and speaker, North American Climate, Conservation and Environment (NACCE), Roosevelt, NY
  180. Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace (CEBRAPAZ), Sao Paulo, Brazil
  181. David Rolde, Secretary, Greater Boston Chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, Weston, MA
  182. Jerry Maynard, Founder/Regional Organizer, Campaign Nonviolence-Houston, Humble, TX
  183. Barbara Nielsen, Co-Chair, DISARM-End Wars Committee & Co-Chair Advancing Human Rights Committee, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, United States Section, San Francisco, CA
  184. Helen Schietinger, Organizer, Witness Against Torture, Washington, DC
  185. Heinrich Buecker, Owner, Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  186. Angelo D’€™Angelo, National Chairperson, US Friends of the Soviet People (USFSP), Staten Island, NY
  187. Barbara Nielsen, Core Group Member, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, East Bay & San Francisco branches, San Francisco, CA
  188. Richard Weigel, Founder, Hawaii Sustainable Lifestyle Network, Honolulu, HI
  189. Faramak Zahraie, Chief Analyst, Roots Of Conflict (RoC), Seattle, WA
  190. Issaka Abdul-Karimu, President/Co-founder, Centre for Basic employment for Peace (CEBEP), Accra, Ghana
  191. Jimmy Brash, Co-Chair, Green Party of NJ — Black Caucus, Parsippany-Troy Hi, NJ
  192. Maurice Carney, Executive Director, Friends of the Congo, Washington, DC
  193. Charles Michaels, Coordinator, Pax Christi Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
  194. Jim Anderson, President, Peace Action New York State, Buffalo, NY
  195. Bruce Wright, Pastor/Director, Refuge Ministries Tampa Bay International, St. Petersburg, FL
  196. Tom Warren, Organizer, U.C.C. Cuba Study Seminar, Greensboro, NC
  197. Heather Koponen, Chair, Alaska Peace Center, Fairbanks, AK
  198. Rev. Paul Dordal, Director, Christian Network for Liberation and Equality, Pittsburgh, PA
  199. Charley Bowman, Co-Chair, Environmental Justice Task Force of the WNY Peace Center, Buffalo, NY
  200. Sonja van den Ende, Chairman/Press, Stop de Bezetting and Freesuriyah, Altenau, Germany
  201. Renato Corsetti, President, Esperanto Speakers for a Better World, London, UK
  202. Niall Farrell, Convenor, Galway Alliance Against War, Galway, Ireland
  203. Efia Nwangaza, Founder/Director, MalcolmX Center for Self Determination, Greenville, SC
  204. Carol Gay, President, NJ State Industrial Union Council, Brick, NJ
  205. Rick Sterling, Steering Committee Member, Syria Solidarity Movement, Walnut Creek, CA
  206. Mohammed Humran, Lecturer, Yemen Geography Society, Sanaa, Yemen
  207. Andre Sheldon, Director, Global Strategy of Nonviolence, Newton, MA
  208. Rasigan Maharajh, Chief Director, Institute for Economic Research on Innovation, Tshwane, South Africa
  209. Paul Larudee, Treasurer, Syria Solidarity Movement, El Cerrito, CA
  210. Noriko Oyama, Director, Okinawa Peace Appeal, Hardwick, NJ
  211. Liz Remmerswaal, National Coordinator NZ, World Beyond War New Zealand, Haumiana, New Zealand
  212. Zahra Abidi, Executive Director, Roots Of Conflict, Kirkland, WA
  213. Barbara Harris, Executive Secretary, Granny Peace Brigade — NYC, NY
  214. Kymone Freeman, Co-founder, We Act Radio, Washington, DC
  215. Sabine Merz, Board of Directors, The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice, Northampton, MA
  216. Elizabeth Hill, Co-chair, Canadian Network on Cuba, Toronto, CA
  217. Bob Waldrop, Founder, Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House, Oklahoma City, OK
  218. Samira Sharif, Executive director, Lotus Tribe, Velarde, NM
  219. Jim Carpenter, Facilitator, End the Wars Committee, Peace Action Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
  220. Rainer Hecht, Initiator, Friedenswerkstatt Sophie-Hedwig, Niederneisen, Germany
  221. Daniel Mengeling, Law Offices of Daniel A. Mengeling, Las Cruces, NM
  222. Kilaika Baruti Shakur, Cadre Administrator, The United States of Africa Revolutionary Party, Forth Worh, TX
  223. Leslie Harris, Coordinator, CODEPINK Greater Dallas; Veterans For Peace — Chapter 106, North Texas, Flower Mound, TX
  224. H. G. McNish, Coordinator, Jamaica Peace Council, Kingston, Jamaica
  225. Joe Byrne, Jonah House, Baltimore, MD
  226. Karen Aram, AWARE (Anti-War Anti-Racism Effort) of Champaign Urbana, Illinois
  227. Wilson Riles, President, Oakland C.A.N., Oakland, CA
  228. Bahram Zandi, Member of the Coordinating body, Maryland United For Peace and Justice, Gaithersburg, MD
  229. John Bachtell, Communist Party USA, Chicago, IL
  230. Henry Lawrence, Founder, Green Party of Bay County, Panama City, FL
  231. Richard Wood, Index Liberation Front, Port Townsend, WA
  232. Pat Elder, Director, National Coalition to Protect Student Privacy,* Lexington Park, MD
  233. Janice Bradley, Board Co-chair, Peace and Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas, Wichita, KS
  234. S, leader, Pax Christi Iowa City, North Liberty, IA
  235. Jo Hayward-Haines, Co-Founder, Peterborough Pollinators, Ennismore, Canada
  236. David Hartsough, Ex Director, PEACEWORKERS, San Francisco, CA
  237. Jeffrey Shurtleff, Occupy San Francisco, San Bruno, CA
  238. Angela Keaton. Executive Director of the Randolph Bourne Institute,, Redwood City, CA
  239. Terry Simons, Founder/Publisher, Round Bend Press Books, Portland, OR
  240. Corey E. Olsen, Owner/Activist, CEO Pipe Organs/Golden Ponds Farm, Delafield, WI
  241. Jeremiah Myer, People’s United Front, North Mankato, MN
  242. Dorothy Reik, President, Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains, Topanga, CA
  243. Mike Barr, Owner, VideoNewsService, Rockford, IL
  244. Jack Carney, Founder, Paddling Upstream, Long Lake, NY
  245. Gregory McCain, Coordinator, Human Rights Observation/Honduras, Chicago, IL
  246. Albert Sargis, Driector, Friedrich Engels Institute For Marxist War and Military Analysis (FEIMWAMA), Oakland, CA
  247. Don Eggleston, Leader, Our Revolution, Watsonville, Aptos, CA
  248. Alexander Ionov, Chairman, The Antiglobalization Movement of Russia, Moscow, Russia
  249. Vernon Huffman,, Everett, WA
  250. Sue Ann Martinson, Editor, Rise Up Times (, Minneapolis, MN
  251. Suzanne Al-Kayali, Director, Women Against Military Madness, Minneapolis, MN
  252. Michael Novick, Founder, Anti-Racist Action—Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror, Culver City, CA
  253. Cheryl LaBash, Co-chair, National Network on Cuba, Washington, DC
  254. Nick Deane, Committee member, Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN), Sydney, Australia
  255. Jim Cross, CEO, On Common Ground, Quincy, CA
  256. Ric Leigh Shorten, Sr., Director,, St. Catharines, Canada
  257. Central Committee, ANTICONQUISTA, New York, NY
  258. Jim Prues, Founder, World 5.0, Cincinnati, OH
  259. Charles Anthony, North Country Peace Group, Setauket, NY
  260. Sandino Morazan, ANTICONQUISTA, Los Angeles, CA
  261. Satoko Norimatsu, Director, Peace Philosophy Centre, Vancouver, Canada
  262. Alison Bodine, Chair, Mobilization Against War and Occupation (MAWO), Vancouver, Canada
  263. Steven Sugarman, Founder, Earth Evolution, Malibu, CA
  264. Alanna Hartzok, Co-Director, Earth Rights Institute, Scotland, PA
  265. Lyle Courtsal, Founder/Facilitator, Peoples Multisvc Systems, Port Townsend, WA
  266. Father Claude Mostowik msc, President, Pax Christi Australia, Erskineville NSW, Australia
  267. Suzanne Ross, International Spokesperson, International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, New York, NY
  268. Jeffrey Shurtleff, Occupy San Francisco/ StrikeDebt Bay Area, San Bruno, CA
  269. Sanifu Onaje Mwananchi, The National Center for African Communitarian Culture (US), Baltimore, MD
  270. Yifat Susskind, Executive Director, MADRE, New York, NY
  271. Bernhard TrAutvetter, Speaker, Essen Peace Forum, Essen, Germany
  272. Mark Foreman, President, Veterans For Peace, Chapter 102, Milwaukee, WI
  273. Douglas Stuart, Executive Committee Member, Veterans For Peace, Chapter 9, Boston, MA
  274. Kristin Dooley, Director, Women Against Military Madness, Minneapolis, MN
  275. Dorothy Ji, Treasurer, Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War, North Brunswick, NJ
  276. Norma J. F. Harrison, Central Committee Member, Peace and Freedom Party Berkeley CA,
  277. Chris Ernesto, Co-founder, St. Pete for Peace, Washington, DC
  278. Elizabeth Aaronsohn, We Refuse to Be Enemies, New Britain, CT
  279. Tom Violett, Chair, Green Party of Monmouth County NJ, Freehold, NJ
  280. Byron Plumley, Representative, Loretto Peace Committee, Denver, CO
  281. Richard Shorten, CEO, Ark Design, Victoria, CA
  282. Cathy: Webster, member/organizer, Chico Peace Endeavor/Confronting Endless War, Chico, CA
  283. Kathleen Russell, Founder, NeedtoKnow, Spokane, WA
  284. Kristin, Dooley, Director, Women Against Military Madness, Minneapolis, MN
  285. Mariah, Leung, Co-director, Al-Nakba Awareness Project, Eugene, OR
  286. Karen, Pope, President, Madison WI Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Madison, WI
  287. Jan, Weinberg, Founder, Show Up! America, Princeton, NJ
  288. Christopher, Fisher, Editor, The Raucous Rooster, Petaluma, CA
  289. Alexis, Baden-Mayer, Political Director, Organic Consumers Association’s Planting Peace Campaign, Alexandria, VA
  290. Barbara, Harris, Director, New York Coalition to Protect Student Privacy (NYCPSP), New York, NY
  291. Stephanie, Lenn, Editor, Real Progressives, Miami, FL
  292. Glover, Lead, Ethnic Environment, Elko, NV
  293. Annette, Brownlie, Chair, Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN), Brisbane, Australia
  294. Lia Tsirdava, Secretary, Peace Committee of Goegria, Tbilisi, Gerorgia

Individual Endorsements:

  1. Jeffrey Sarles, Workers World Party,* Chicago, IL
  2. Monique Salhab, National Board of Directors, Veterans For Peace*
  3. Kevin Lindemann, Winfield, IL
  4. Charles Altman, Huntington Woods Peace Citizenship & Education Project,* Royal Oak, MI
  5. Patricia Thukral, Newport News, VA
  6. Sand Fess, Palmyra, NY
  7. Carol Jagiello, Bloomingdale, NJ
  8. Jonathan Boyne, Honolulu, HI
  9. Terry Fitzgibbons, Veterans for Peace, Newark, NJ
  10. Dominic Jermano, Midvale, UT
  11. Mrs. Lori Flynn, Harrisburg, PA
  12. Michael Gruber, Ben Lomond, CA
  13. Dud Hendrick, Veterans for Peace,* Deer Isle, Maine
  14. Judy Miner, Portland, OR
  15. Angelo Baracca, Retired Professor of Physics, University of Florence, Comitato Fermiamolaguerra Firenze, Disarmisti Esigenti (nuclear disarmament),* Firenze, Italy
  16. Chris Kaihatsu, Admin.,,* Chicago, IL
  17. Juyeon Rhee, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development,* NYC
  18. Will Griffin, Board of Directors, Veterans For Peace,* Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space,* Midway, GA
  19. Fred Jakobcic, Marquette, MI
  20. David Chase, San Francisco, CA
  21. Jay Gilbert, Hastings on Hudson, NY
  22. Martin Haber, UFT,* Woodstock, NY
  23. Lonnie Lopez, Tukwila, WA
  24. Susan Pennington, Bloomington Peace Action Coalition,* Martinsville, IN
  25. Nicholas Prychodko, Bridgehampton, NY
  26. Raafat Zaki, Minister, Presbyterian Church (USA),*
  27. Gary Nelson, Troy, NY
  28. Kenneth Anderson, Greensboro, NC
  29. Sally McMillan, Iowa City, IA
  30. Jeannette Hanna, Sacramento, CA
  31. Linda LeTendre, Saratoga Springs, NY
  32. Faramak Zahraie, Seattle, WA
  33. M. K. Brussel, Urbana, IL
  34. Helen Jaccard, Vina, CA
  35. Frank Munley, Salem, VA
  36. Mary Beth Sullivan, Greater Brunswick PeaceWorks,* Bath, ME
  37. Mike Tork, Veterans For Peace,* Member, Council Member, Board Member. School of Americas Watch (SOAW),* Centro de Intercambio y Solidariidad (CIS),* East Falmouth, MA
  38. Susan Willis, Tucson, AZ
  39. Marian Cruz, Walnut Creek, CA
  40. Brian Trautman, Treasurer, National Board of Directors, Veterans For Peace,* Albany, NY
  41. Gerry Condon, Board of Directors, Veterans For Peace,* Vina, CA
  42. Michael Baker, Lincoln, UK
  43. Ward Reilly, Veterans For Peace,* Baton Rouge, LA
  44. Elizabeth Viering, Board member of each, If Americans Knew;* Tree of Life Educational Fund,* Stonington, CT
  45. Michael Hearington, Veterans For Peace,* Thompsons Station, TN
  46. Ann Ruthsdottir, Brunswick, ME
  47. Jaswinder Chaggar, Wolverhampton, UK
  48. Patrick McCann, National Board member, Immediate past national president, Veterans For Peace,* Royal Palm Beach, FL
  49. Susan Oehler, Veterans for Peace,* Asheville, NC
  50. Thomas Kelly, Longmont, CO
  51. Harry Targ, Co-chair, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, West Lafayette, IN
  52. Rick Powers, Franklin, OH
  53. Berit Jordahl, San Pedro, CA
  54. William Simon, President, Veterans For Peace, Chapter 71,* Santa Rosa, CA
  55. Dr. Lewis Patrie, Asheville, NC
  56. Douglas Zachary, Cedar Creek, TX
  57. Mick Eddings, Albuquerque, NM
  58. Jim Yarbrough, Ashland, OR
  59. Aleta Cooper, Langley, Canada
  60. Suzanne Schwartz, El Prado, NM
  61. S. Jahangeer, Fairfax, VA
  62. David Keeler, Westminster, CA
  63. Kristine Karch, Co-Chair International Network No to war – no to NATO,* Duesseldorf, Germany
  64. Leonardo Torres, Schwabach, Germany
  65. Val Sanfilippo, San Diego, CA
  66. Marietta Domokos, Winnipeg, Canada
  67. Cheryl Curtiss, CT 9/11 Truth / WWUH Radio,* Northfield, CT
  68. Cheryl Kozanitas, San Mateo, CA
  69. Maggie Meeha, Fergus Falls, MN
  70. Dan Wicht, Fridley, MN
  71. Cecile Pineda, WILPF,* Berkeley, CA
  72. Charles Britz, Huntington, WV
  73. Hilda Richey, Hillsboro, WI
  74. Carl Davidson, Director, Online University of the Left,* Aliquippa, PA
  75. Dr. Kenneth Mayers, Santa Fe, NM
  76. Sue Ann Martinson, Minneapolis, MN
  77. Jonathan Mitchell, Madison, AL
  78. Barbara Born, Seal Beach, CA
  79. Robert Lujan, San Diego, CA
  80. Rael Nidess, M.D., Mashall, TX
  81. Pascal Luig, Coordinating Committee, Stop Air Base Ramstein Campaign,* Berlin, Germany
  82. Jan. Viklund, Knivsta, Sweden
  83. Maureen Wheeller, Silver Spring, MD
  84. Ann Miller, Casper, WY
  85. Dorothy Brockway, Lakeside, OR
  86. Fern Tishman, New York, NY
  87. Tatjana Zogovic-Kapsalis, CEO, World Cause Representatives,* Los Angeles, CA
  88. David Mitchell, New York, NY
  89. Natylie Baldwin, Concord, CA
  90. A. Shouse, Ithaca, NY
  91. Sharon Palmer, Petaluma, CA
  92. Dorie Southern, West Palm Beach, FL
  93. Bernie Eisenberg, Los Angeles, CA
  94. Ann Tiffany, Upstate Drone Action,* Syracuse, NY
  95. Ernest Sturdevant, Albuquerque, NM
  96. Clay Colt, Hampton, CT
  97. Wanda Ballentine, St. Paul, MN
  98. Kelley Johnson, Coordinator, Progressive Democrats of America,* Hampden, MA
  99. Mike Wisniewski, Hacienda Heights, CA
  100. Rachel Clark, Veterans For Peace,* Weehawken, NJ
  101. Jim Tjepkema, Minneapolis, MN
  102. Subrata Ghoshroy, Massachusetts Peace Action, Global Network Against Weapons in Space,* Jamaica Plain, MA
  103. Judith Sandoval, Veterans for Peace,* San Francisco, Ca
  104. Andrew Costigan, Norwood, MA
  105. LeRoy Lowell, Casco, ME
  106. Aris Anagnos, Americans for Democratic Action,* Culver City, Ca
  107. Mark Scibilia-Carver, Trumansburg, NY
  108. Kazuye Suyematsu, Berkeley, CA
  109. Jacqui Deveneau, The Green Party,* Portland, ME
  110. Dr. V. George Venturini, Hazelwood North, Australia
  111. Michael deYcaza, Honolulu, HI
  112. Dave Kashmer, Veterans For Peace,* Upstate Drone Action,* Syracuse, NY
  113. Christopher Lish, San Rafael, CA
  114. Cathleen Ruth Deppe, National Board Member, Los Angeles Chapter, 9to5,* Los Angeles, CA
  115. Iris Edinger, Woodland Hills, CA
  116. Larry Skwarczynski, VFP Chapter 126,* IWW,* San Antonio, TX
  117. Elizabeth Molchany, Attorney at Law, Front Royal, VA
  118. Daniel Brenner, Hillsborough, NC
  119. Henry Lowendorf, Executive Board Member, US Peace Council, New Haven, CT
  120. Barbara L. Nielsen, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom,* San Francisco, CA
  121. Robert Jan Verhoek, The Hague, Netherlands
  122. Michael Smith, Yakima, WA
  123. Don Hon, Minneapolis, MN
  124. Anna Kushner, Fuquay-Varina, NC
  125. Jean Bails, Saint Clair Shores, MI
  126. Dr. Paul McArthur, Walkerton, Canada
  127. Art Palmer, Norwood, NY
  128. Paula Heady, Lake Elsinore, CA
  129. Ellen, Schwartz, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom,* Sacramento, CA
  130. Elise Marcheff, Brighton, MI
  131. Linda Ray, Co-chair, SEIU 1021 Peace & Solidarity Committee,* San Francisco, CA
  132. Connie Stomper, Santa Barbara, CA
  133. Coleen Rowley, Apple Valley, MN
  134. Dr. Med. Helmut Käss, German IPPNW,* Braunschweig, Germany
  135. Roy Trickey, Kenabeek, Canada
  136. Ginny Schneider, Coordinator, Maine WTR Resource Center,* Portland, ME
  137. Amber Garlan, St. Paul, MN
  138. Dr. Med. Doerte Drigalski, IPPNW,* Hamburg, Germany
  139. Simon Wood, Emerald Beach, Australia
  140. Cameron Gaffney, Teacher, Brisbane Catholic Education,* Ipswich, Australia
  141. Antonia Sani, President, WILPF Italia (Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom),* Rome, Italy
  142. Rosemary Fiscus, Wyoming, MI
  143. Oliver Dickson, Dutton Park, Australia
  144. Heidi Uppgaard, Minneapolis, MN
  145. Mickie Lynn, Women Against War,* Delmar, NY
  146. Jerome Skyrud, San Diego, CA
  147. Marilyn Darling, Newton Centre, MA
  148. Ruthann Ovenshire, Minneapolis, MN
  149. Pat Moore, NCWARN,* Charlotte, NC
  150. Kenneth Ashe, past president, Veterans For Peace, Chapter 099,* Marshall, NC
  151. Lindis Percy, Co-Founder and Coordinator (1992 – 2016), Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases,* Board of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space,* Harrogate, UK
  152. Ken Jones, Swannanoa, NC
  153. Mary Dean, World Beyond War,* Chicago, IL
  154. Chuck Nasmith, Averill Park, NY
  155. Rafael Pla-Lopez, Meliana, Spain
  156. Nate Goldshlag, Veterans For Peace,* Arlington, MA
  157. Darrell Moen, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Shibaura Institute of Technology,* Kunitachi-shi, Japan
  158. Henry Homburger, Rochester, MN
  159. Robert Merikangas, Silver Spring, MD
  160. Susan Sammis, Bloomington, IN
  161. Sharon Powell, Grand Marais, MN
  162. Julia Ganson, Cortland, NY
  163. David Laczko, Highgate Hill, Australia
  164. Charles Peck, Mural Artist, Punta Gorda, FL
  165. Ramon Nacanaynay, Veterans For Peace,* Pax Christi,* Ground Zero Center for Nonviolence,* Shoreline, WA
  166. Douglas Newman, Winnipeg, Canada
  167. Michael Javick, RET US ARMY, Johnstown, PA
  168. Mark Foreman, National Board, Veterans For Peace,* Milwaukee, WI
  169. Corinne Willinger, New York, NY
  170. Howard Brazee, Lafayette, CO
  171. Ben Montalbano, Port Townsend, WA
  172. Glen Etzkorn, Cobden, IL
  173. James Zajechowski, Watertown, MA
  174. Carol Kushner, Red Hook, NY
  175. Kenneth Provost, Sonora, CA
  176. Bradly Reese, Philadelphia, PA
  177. Richard Ochs, Baltimore, MD
  178. Richard Greve, Staten Island, NY
  179. Deborah Skanse, Oconomowoc, WI
  180. Jayme Mcintyre, Veterans For Peace,* Pittsburgh, PA
  181. Paul Deal, Albuquerque, NM
  182. Mary Crane, Duvall, WA
  183. Robert Dale, Veterans For Peace,* Brunswick, ME
  184. Judith Ackerman, AFLCIO,* New York, NY
  185. Susan Withers, Knoxville, MD
  186. Tim Wilson, Waldo County Greens,* Searsmont, ME
  187. Sheri Miller, Gettysburg, PA
  188. Blanche Hill, Normandy Park, WA
  189. Shari Bruun, Camas, WA
  190. Muriel Kuri, Rock Falls, IL
  191. Douglas Hawes, Plano, TX
  192. Charles Dunaway, Eugene, OR
  193. Margie Borchers, Santa Barbara, CA
  194. Susan Rigali, Richmond, TX
  195. Michael Atwood, Lincoln, CA
  196. Peter Woodruff, Veterans For Peace,* Arrowsic, ME
  197. Laura Lance, Aiken, SC
  198. Paul Haeder, Estacada, OR
  199. Lorelei Monet, Gold Beach, OR
  200. Ada Murcier, Chesnee, SC
  201. Peter Rathvon, Monticello, FL
  202. Janet Maker, Los Angeles, Ca
  203. Paul Krehbiel, National Co-Chair, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism,* San Gabriel, CA
  204. Agustin Velloso, Madrid, Sapin
  205. Patricia Blair, Kailua, HI
  206. Paul Albrecht, Philadelphia, PA
  207. Ethard Van Stee, Beaufort, SC
  208. Dennis Kirk, Pittsburgh, PA
  209. Mark Remington, Mercer Island, WA
  210. Robert H. Stiver, Co-producer, Holy Land Peace,* Pearl City, HI
  211. Joshua Hellmann, Murphysboro, IL
  212. Heath Bunting, Bristol, UK
  213. Roberta Henderson, Kanarraville, UT
  214. Dr. Alan Johnson, Honolulu, HI
  215. Diamond Corley, Lakebay, WA
  216. S. Hendra, Duncan, Canada
  217. Hans Meyer, Pewaukee, WI
  218. E. Lynk, Niskayuna, NY
  219. Joan Lang, Cleveland, OH
  220. Ellen E., Barfield, Veterans For Peace,* War Resisters League,* Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom,* Baltimore, MD
  221. Timothy Kaminski, Muslim Congress,* St. Louis, MO
  222. Gwendolyn Sky, Cave Junction, OR
  223. Ron Deluce, Sacramento, CA
  224. Joseph Romeo, Retired local president, Retired Michigan Education Association,* Chicago, IL
  225. Karen Beatty, New York, NY
  226. Lauren Unruh, Pleasant Hill, CA
  227. Michael Adams, Evansville, IN
  228. Lawrence Newlin, Snow Camp, NC
  229. Dave Webb, Chair, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament,* Leeds, UK
  230. Rick Brown, Green Party of Taos,* Taos, Mexico
  231. Jack Miller, Bellingham, WA
  232. Paul Waring, Key West, FL
  233. Richard Brucker, Oroville, CA
  234. Don Hull, Haverford, PA
  235. John and Martha Stolternberg, Elkhart Lake, WI
  236. Georgiann Cooper, Freeport, ME
  237. Robert F. Armstrong, Santa Maria, CA
  238. Rick Walker, Port St. Lucie, FL
  239. Tom Hocking, Lebanon, PA
  240. Roberta Schonemann, West Lafayette, IN
  241. Carol Oldershaw, Prescott, AZ
  242. Sue Walsh, Pawtucket, RI
  243. David Sterin, New Port Richey, FL
  244. Adrienne Fong, San Francisco, CA
  245. Sandy Eaton, RN, Board Member, South Shore Coalition for Human Rights,* Quincy, MA
  246. Tiziano Cardosi, Firenze, Italy
  247. Tom Warren, New Bern, NC
  248. Steve Mckeown, Richfield, MN
  249. Jane Garsson, Mill Valleys, CA
  250. John Schoonover, Vietnam War Resister,* Greensboro, NC
  251. Elio Pagani, Forum Contro la Guerra — Italy,* Varese, Italy
  252. Matthew Peppe, rockville, MD
  253. Link Lubken, Denver, CO
  254. Seth Farber, New York, NY
  255. Mark Cappetta, Rancho Mirage, CA
  256. Jonathan Rainey, Dumbarton, UK
  257. Ken Jenkins, Oakland, CA
  258. Rosemarie Pace, Director, Pax Christi Metro New York,* NY
  259. Patricia Malin, Springdale, OH
  260. Rachel Pirani, Collierville, TN
  261. Mark White, Pioneer, CA
  262. Joseph Jamison, Bayside, NY
  263. Ross Heckmann, Arcadia, CA
  264. Greg Smith, Presque Isle, ME
  265. Toni Aguilar, Golden, CO
  266. Katherine Schock, Rock Springs, WY
  267. Harriet Tower, Dunkirk, NY
  268. Nancy Hartman, Lafayette, CA
  269. Margaret Budd, San Diego, CA
  270. David Arntson, Bothell, WA
  271. Mary Evelyn Tucker, New Haven, CT
  272. James Squire, Seattle, WA
  273. Esther Wagner, Pinole, CA
  274. Phyllis Beauvais, Savannah, GA
  275. Carol Devoss, St. Charles, IL
  276. Talitha Acheson, Yellow Springs, OH
  277. Steven Smiglicki, Pickering, Canada
  278. Jacqueline Fähling, Berlin, Germany
  279. Betsy Slack, Silver Spring, MD
  280. Chris Grimley, North Wales, PA
  281. Kathleen Bacuzzi, Plymouth, MI
  282. Dr. Vacy Vlazna, Collaroy, Guringai, Australia
  283. Royce Bishop, Portland, OR
  284. Ben Leet, Mariposa, CA
  285. Dr. Ed Roache, Niskayuna, NY
  286. Philip Dennany, Indianapolis, IN
  287. Jim Keller, West Reading, PA
  288. Jonathan Boyne, Honolulu, HI
  289. Ilse Houle, Tucson, AZ
  290. Dr. Ann El-Moslimany, Seahurst, WA
  291. Leo Loman, St. Louis, MO
  292. Patricia Dixon, Professor, Wake Forest University,* Winston-Salem, NC
  293. Michael Bagdes-Canning, Cherry Valley, PA
  294. Nick Quinlan, Mt. Pleasant, MI
  295. David Hall, Plainfield, VT
  296. John Laun, President, Colombia Support Network,* Middleton, WI
  297. Gary Ruble, Akron, OH
  298. Croitiene ganMoryn, Ocala, FL
  299. Motoji Suzuki, Yokosuka City, Japan
  300. Victor Delgado, Jr., El Paso, TX
  301. Alexander Poliakov, Richmond Hill, Canada
  302. Eddie Griffiths, Seattle, WA
  303. Dennis Peterson, Englewood, FL
  304. Ira Dember, Minister of Propaganda, Fair Now!,* Houston, TX
  305. Gail Fleischake, Shutesbury, MA
  306. Bernard Scoville, Sacramento, CA
  307. Jan Barendrecht, Volcan, Panama
  308. Dr. Ebert Hino, Cypress, CA
  309. Paul Horowitz, Trenton, NJ
  310. Kenneth Dalton, Clifton, NJ
  311. Ramon Trumbull, Grand Rapids, MI
  312. Bonnie Vesely, Bloomington, IN
  313. R. Lance King, Walkersville, MD
  314. Thomas Tizard, Kailua, HI
  315. Neil Holzman, Rockaway, NJ
  316. Michael Weddington, Tallahassee, FL
  317. Tom Wright, Hilo, HI
  318. Chas Sweeten, Oakley, UT
  319. Ed MacArthur, Vancouver, Canada
  320. Kenneth Walton, Fairfield, IA
  321. Russell Batez, Berkeley, CA
  322. George Hughes, Boise, ID
  323. Dr. Francine Dolins, Ann Arbor, MI
  324. Dr. Bill Honigman, California State Coordinator, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA),* Aliso Viejo, CA
  325. Mike Duffy, Hazel Park, MI
  326. Jon Reinsch, Seattle, WA
  327. Dawn Joyce, St. Lucia, Australia
  328. Malachi Thomson, Sandy, UT
  329. Francs Feeley, Professor emeritus, Grenoble, France
  330. Bryan Walston, Waikoloa, HI
  331. Gregory Barrett, Translator and Commentator, Aichtal, Germany
  332. DR. med. Mechthild Klingenburg-Vogel, Kiel, Germany
  333. Dan Pulju, Eugene, OR
  334. Joyce Nako, PANA,* Oceanside, CA
  335. Robyn Gilbertson, Modbury, Australia
  336. Carol Boucher, Wenonah, NJ
  337. Ursula Mathern, Merxheim, Germany
  338. Michael John Mayo, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  339. Sara Ogden, Hohenwald, TN
  340. Glenn MacLeod, Forfar, Storbritannia
  341. Michael O’Shea, Granada, Spain
  342. Bernd D. Warneck, Berlin, Germany
  343. David Rose, Fall River, MA
  344. Carmen Potthoff, Sigmarszell, Germany
  345. Starr Gilmartin, Trenton, ME
  346. David Hart, Suffix,* Rice Lake, WI
  347. Danny H. C. Li, Keaau, HI
  348. Lars Blomquist, Gøteborg, Sweden
  349. Damian LaVoice, Londonderry, NH
  350. James van Looy, Committee for Peace and Human Rights,* Boston, MA
  351. James Pudick, NJ
  352. Timothy Knowlton, Lansing, MI
  353. Skip Slavik, Youngstown, OH
  354. Courtney Bailey, Lithonia, GA
  355. Peter Koledo, Richmond, VT
  356. Jamie Townsend, Raleigh, NC
  357. Chris Cooley, Wodonga, australia
  358. Anthony Bifulco, Cleveland, OH
  359. Elaine Hartley, Columbia, MO
  360. Stephen Justino, Chair, Colorado Move to Amend,* Centennial, CO
  361. Karl Henkes, Marsberg, Germany
  362. Bruce Parsons, Dacula, CA
  363. Michael Scott, Catonsville, MD
  364. Jacqueline Brook, Putney, VT
  365. Reginald Callaway, Green Solution Engineering,* Kapolei, HI
  366. Michael Fish, Longueuil, Canada
  367. Gary and Kirsten Fridell, Red Wing, MN
  368. Anne Curran, Sarasota, FL
  369. Mj Watson, Tamworth, UK
  370. Michael Bodine, Nampa, ID
  371. Geoffrey Vasquez, Royal Oak, MI
  372. Edward Humphrey, Sturgis, MI
  373. Steve Lewis, Collins, OH
  374. Al Anderson, Vancouver, Canada
  375. Guy Indebetouw, Charlottesville, VA
  376. Ken McAloon, Professor Emeritus, Brooklyn College CUNY,* South Dennis, MA
  377. Susan Sunshine, Olympia, WA
  378. Louie Lurati, San Francisco, CA
  379. Ralph Dunn, San Ysidro, CA
  380. Barbara Murray, Comrie, UK
  381. Mary Rose Lambke, M.S., R.N., Oak Park, IL
  382. Richard Smith, ACE,* Mercer Island, WA
  383. Larry Fishman, Oakland, CA
  384. Steve Roddy, San Francisco, CA
  385. Bill Madden, Tampa, FL
  386. Marie Utterback, San Tan Valley, AZ
  387. Mike Salaski, Bethlehem, PA
  388. Harris Mithoug, Eugene, OR
  389. Debra Swanson, Belvidere, IL
  390. John Liebau, Philadelphia Left Book Club,* Philadelphia, PA
  391. Mohammad Askari, Lucknow, India
  392. David Smith, Belfast, ME
  393. Chantal Allen, Business Owner, Dallas, TX
  394. Bonnie Hong, Norwich, CT
  395. Michael Kotora, Port Clinton, OH
  396. Robert McDonald, Grand Junction , CO
  397. John Shea, Deerfield Beach, FL
  398. Karyna Lemus, Chair, Green Party of the Pikes Peak Region,* Colorado Springs, CO
  399. Carolyn and Richard Rosenstein, Los Angeles, CA
  400. Christian Frosch, Los Angeles, CA
  401. David Carson, Kansas City, MO
  402. Victor Wallis, Somerville, MA
  403. Christopher Preston, Special Education Teacher and Social Worker, Centennial, CO
  404. Phyllis Brennan, Desert Hot Springs, CA
  405. Barry Wood, Manchester, UK
  406. Horst Muecke, Trier, Germany
  407. Dennis Apel, Catholic Worker,* Santa Maria, CA
  408. Leon Anderson, Grass Valley, CA
  409. Charles Goldberg, Wheeling, IL
  410. Marilyn Potter, Portland, OR
  411. Christopher Coyle, Prospect, KY
  412. Thomas Duchesneau, Manchester, CT
  413. Doris M. Wernig, Dornbirn, Austria
  414. Dennis Meredith, Progressive Socialists,* Akron, OH
  415. Al Ajello, Washington, NJ
  416. Michael Hill, Tulsa, OK
  417. Edward Stiel, San Francisco, CA
  418. Geiff Young, Candidate, Geoff Young for Congress,* Lexington, KY
  419. Deva Ramkelawan, London, Canada
  420. Bart Frazier, Vice President, The Future of Freedom Foundation,* Fairfax, VA
  421. Jacob Kerns, Huntersville, NC
  422. Mary Gourdoux, El Oaso County Green Party,* Border Peace Presence,* El Paso, TX
  423. Melissa Dramstad, Decatur, GA
  424. Joe Sain, Santee, CA
  425. Synthia Boyd, Martinez, GA
  426. George Crowley, Enfield, CT
  427. Donard Dwyer, Shreveport, LA
  428. Philip B. Fregeau, Longmeadow, MA
  429. Barbara Laxon, Codepink,* Raging Grannies,* Peoples Opposition to War, Imperialism and Racism,* Fellowship of Reconciliation,* Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom,* Bradford, PA
  430. Robert Croft, Winter Park, FL
  431. Ben Seifert, Poway, CA
  432. Brent McFarlane, Seattle, WA
  433. Bonnie Gorman, Mass Peace Action,* Gold Star Families for Peace,* Veterans for Peace,* Quincy, MA
  434. Dharam Khalsa, Burlington, NC
  435. Charles McLaughlin, Nehalem, OR
  436. Jeff Armstrong, Ada, MN
  437. Kiara Lee, Progressive Asian Network for Action,* Los Angeles, CA
  438. Kathryn Christian, Grand Junction, CO
  439. Teresa Gates, Portal, AZ
  440. Dan Rochman, Chcago, IL
  441. Joe Stein, Fresh Meadows, NY
  442. Barbara Geiger, Annapolis, MD
  443. Noel Eaves, Red Bluff, CA
  444. William Durant, Vernal, UT
  445. Rick Eramian, Lynn, MA
  446. Jacob Foreman, Colorado Springs, CO
  447. Chris Porto, Sarasota, FL
  448. Heather Guillory, Tucson, AZ
  449. Melek Hamer, Istanbul, Turkey
  450. Sean Ahern, Delegate, UFT/MORE,* New York, NY
  451. Dan Keefe, Seattle, WA
  452. Anne Streeter, Mount Royal, Canada
  453. Geoffrey Davis, Redmond, WA
  454. Gary Wenk, Carlsbad, CA
  455. Dan Lebrun, Lebanon, NH
  456. Patricia Locke, Clearwater, FL
  457. James Barch, Los Gatos, CA
  458. Paul Subialka, Carmichael, CA
  459. Bob Van Noy, Sacramento, CA
  460. Angela Keaton, Executive Director, Randolph Bourne Institute (publisher of ,* West Hollywood, CA
  461. Josiane Ruggeri, Vancouver, Canada
  462. Bruce Lesnick, Seattle, WA
  463. Ken Burritt, Albany, NY
  464. Gisela Vogel, Bochum, Germany
  465. Leonard Ross, Santa Cruz, CA
  466. William Reed, Beckley, WV
  467. Kari Olsen, Philomath, OR
  468. George Winfield, Buffalo, NY
  469. Jem Bates, Chapel Hill, Australia
  470. Martin Elvemo, Tromso, Norway
  471. Issa Smith, Reston, VA
  472. George Meyer, Colville, WA
  473. Gaylen Halbert, Colfax, CA
  474. Kevin Carson, Senior Fellow, Center for a Stateless Society,* Winslow, AK
  475. Jake Javanshir, Toronto, Canada
  476. Kevin Haggerty, Washington DC
  477. Rena Lewis, Ojai, CA
  478. T. Garmon, Dawsonville, GA
  479. Bara Berg, St. Paul, MN
  480. Paul Whittaker, Gilmour, Canada
  481. Nancy Butterfield, Camarillo, CA
  482. Christina & Don DeSano, Warren, MI
  483. Ronald M. Converse, Concord, NH
  484. Alvin Valeriano, Anao, Philippines
  485. Harry “Skip” Edwards, jr., Telluride, CO
  486. Lisa-Jo Warren, Gorham, ME
  487. Ronald Richardson, Missouri Valley, IA
  488. Keith Shugarts, York, PA
  489. Jo Lane, Code Pink,* South Pasadena, CA
  490. Peter Barry, Seattle, WA
  491. Jim Howe, Communications Workers of America, Local 3108,* Orlando, FL
  492. Sam Snapp, Silver Spring, MD
  493. Rick Staggenborg MD, Roseburg, OR
  494. Francisco Cravioto Lagos, Integrante, Alianza Mexicana contra el Fracking,* Xalapa, Mexico
  495. Beth Brunton, Seattle, WA
  496. Ahmad Sanati, Mission Viejo, CA
  497. Alvin Ja, San Francisco, CA
  498. Carol Clethero, Melbourne, Australia
  499. Ole Ullern, Klofta, Norway
  500. Allan Fisher, Labor Council delegate, AFT 2121,* San Francisco, CA
  501. Mark M. Giese, Racine, WI
  502. Michael Wade, Carrboro, NC
  503. Keith Brooks, UFT retiree, NWU,* Brooklyn, NY
  504. Iliana Doytcheva, Waukegan, IL
  505. Joseph Strickland, Rosedale, NY
  506. Roderick Long, President, Molinari Institute,* Auburn, AL
  507. Guy Berliner, Portland, OR
  508. Yousef Zarbalian, Mclean, VA
  509. Winona Lineberger, Richburg, SC
  510. James Race, Palm Desert, CA
  511. Dr. Jim Driscoll, Veterans For Peace,* Bethesda, MD
  512. Lucile W. Brook, Nehalem, OR
  513. Michael Squarrel, San Diego, CA
  514. Alex Kilpatrick, Denver, CO
  515. Michael Doerr, Monticello, IL
  516. Eric Hauser, Koto-ku, Japan
  517. Alan Martinson, Cabin John, MD
  518. Greet Boete, Adegem, VBelgium
  519. Wally Inglis, Honolulu, HI
  520. Lawrence Montgomery, San Francisco, CA
  521. Shelia Cassidy, Researcher, Riverside Middle East Research,* Jurupa Valley, CA
  522. Enrico Sanna, San Gavino Monreale, CA
  523. Dave Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council,* Berkeley, CA
  524. Neil Humphreys, Oceanside, CA
  525. Michael Motta, Holland, MI
  526. Donald MacLean, Wentworth Falls, Australia
  527. Jan Pavelka, Factoryville, PA
  528. Wolf-Dietrich Stange, Neustadt, Germany
  529. Michael Ceckovic, Sipbachzell, Austria
  530. Howard Emerson, Trinidad, CA
  531. Stephen Ruzbacki, Olmstedville, NY
  532. Uwe Eustermann, Hamburg, Germany
  533. James Szypula, Yokohama, Japan
  534. Laura Overmann, Burlingame, CA
  535. Donna Mummery, Honeoye Falls, NY
  536. Michael O’Neil, Retired from United Nations, Formerly CRAS: Chief Regional Administrative Services,* Bellevue, Switzerland
  537. Robert Bennett, Ban Dung, Thailand
  538. Thomas Ketler, WeiäŸwasser, Germany
  539. Trevor Steele, Clarence Gardens, Australia
  540. Theresa Reuter, Baltimore, MD
  541. Patricia Murphy, IAB, Chair, International Philosophers for Peace,* Takoma Park, MD
  542. John Spitzberg, Veterans For Peace, Willow, AL
  543. Rian Raby, Sioux City, IA
  544. Mansoor Shah, Charleston, SC
  545. Jae-pyeong Yang, Green Party Korea,* Busan, South Korea
  546. Michael Leonardi, Co-founder of the Green Party of Ohio,* Toledo, OH
  547. Joe Wendt, Candidate for US Senate in Florida, Libertarian Party,* Tampa, FL
  548. Nathan Goodman, Fairfax, VA
  549. Elsine Perez, Portland, OR
  550. David Hockabout, Pittsburgh
  551. Michael Moore, Los Angeles, CA
  552. Francis Clarke, Oldsmar, FL
  553. Sheila Hausler, Cedar, MI
  554. Albert Leger, Washington DC
  555. Monika Stadlmayr, Vãcklabruck, Austria
  556. Karen Aram, AWARE,* Urbana, IL
  557. Michael Shaw, Yucca Valley, CA
  558. Csilla Horvath, Washington DC
  559. Paul Richards, Vallejo, CA
  560. John Palmer, Tucson, AZ
  561. Jean Dere, San Francisco, CA
  562. Corey Schade, Loch Arbour, NJ
  563. Randl Lieb, Cottonwood, AZ
  564. Andra Addis, Chicago, IL
  565. C. G. Estabrook, Champaign, IL
  566. Nick Rivard, Corvallis, OR
  567. Rahab Cummins, Saint Petersburg, FL
  568. Alica: Denlinger, Lancaster, PA
  569. John Kenselaar, Caldwell, NJ
  570. David Green, Champaign, IL
  571. Joe Cobb, State Committeeman, Arizona Libertarian Party,* Glendale, AZ
  572. Hosea McAdoo, Sherwood, AK
  573. Cindy Viera, Johnston, IA
  574. Jan and Larry Slobin, Portland, OR
  575. Mildred O’Brien, Savoy, Il
  576. John Morris, Veterans for Peace,* New Gloucester, ME
  577. Siamak Vossoughi, San Francisco, CA
  578. Martha Perez, Portland, OR
  579. Marc Beaudette, Reading, VT
  580. Nicholas Prychodko, Bridgehampton, NY
  581. Dr. Gordon Fellman, Cambridge, MA
  582. Fran Merker, Brooklyn, NY
  583. Herman S. Simms Jr., Detroit, MI
  584. Ed Bennett, Vancouver, WA
  585. Kathryn Christian, Grand Junction, CO
  586. Dawn Chapman, Billings, MT
  587. David Hartsough, Director, PEACEWORKERS,* San Francisco, CA
  588. Mark Reisinger, Vestal, NY
  589. Jean Lawrence, Victoria, Canada
  590. Traian Cainaru, Retired Union member, PEF,* Buffalo, NY
  591. Claudia McNulty, Climax, NY
  592. Peter ‘t Hoen, The Hague, Netherlands
  593. Steve Ongerth, IWW,* Richmond, CA
  594. Jeannette Hanna, Sacramento, CA
  595. Ian Wilder, Riverhead, NY
  596. Gérard Couchoud, Palaisseau, France
  597. Cynthia Heil, Asheville, NC
  598. Natylie Baldwin, Concord, CA
  599. Kathleen Hacker, VFP,* Codepink,* Bellows Falls, VT
  600. Matthew Allen, Tokyo General Union Gaba Workers Union,* Ota-ku, Japan
  601. Eldon Grossman, Chicago, IL
  602. Jay Lebowitz, Queens, NY
  603. Danforth Olson, Las Vegas, NV
  604. Dan Yaseen, Peace Fresno,* Fresno, CA
  605. Tim Sevener, Streetfair Coordinator, NJ Peace Action,* Tabor, NJ
  606. Joyce Banzhaf, Grass Valley, CA
  607. Rosette Bagley, Naperville, IL
  608. Ann Mallozzi Ellis, Apalachin, NY
  609. Peter Gunther, Chicago, IL
  610. Shokooh Behran, Prosser, WA
  611. John Cooper, Lewisburg, PA
  612. Colin Neiburger, Peace Day Asheville.* Asheville, NC
  613. Rhonda Rungsitiyakor, San Francisc, CA
  614. Gary Nelson, Troy, NY
  615. Glen Ford, Executive Editor, Black Agenda Report,* Plainfield, NJ
  616. Eric Meiers, Frankfort, IN
  617. Dr. Lewis Patrie, Asheville, NC
  618. John Nettleton, Portland, OR
  619. Michael Morgan, Swannanoa, NC
  620. Dan Wilcox, Veterans For Peace,* Albany, NY
  621. Petr Dan, Sun Prairie, WI
  622. Mark Springs, Captain Cook, HI
  623. Robert Janusko, Bethlehem, PA
  624. John Boyle, Gippsland, Australia
  625. JoAnne Linardi, Retired, Miami-Dade County Public Schools,* Cutler Bay, FL
  626. Gerald Werhan, President, Veterans For Peace Chapter 099,* Asheville, NC
  627. Terry Phelan, Albany, NY
  628. Roger Yeardley, Cincinnati, OH
  629. Bret Polish, Los Angeles, CA
  630. Thor Dodson, Graduate Student Teacher in Economics, UW Economics Department,* Seattle, WA
  631. Ron Unger, Dallas, TX
  632. Jonathan Mitchell, Madison, AL
  633. Wanda Ballentine, St. Paul, MN
  634. Tony Totorica, Retired, USPS,* Boise, ID
  635. Philip Feeley, Arkona, Canada
  636. Art Hanson, Lansing, MI
  637. Gordana Rešicki Degoricija, Kutina, Croatia
  638. Natalie Hanson, Lansing, MI
  639. Amy Harlib, New York, NY
  640. Marilyn Barden, Swedish Peace Committee,* Varmdo, Sweden
  641. Franz Brandl, Lam, Germany
  642. John MacKinnon, Mealdarroch, UK
  643. David Rohrlich, Jamaica Plain, MA
  644. Ken Gardo, Spring Hill, TN
  645. Charles Reavis, Lexington, KY
  646. Louise Legun, Blandon, PA
  647. Richard Moody, Ex. RN and USN F4 and A4 pilot; a Quaker; Coalition for Peace Action in Princeton NJ,* Cranbury, NJ
  648. Michael Byrne, Washington DC
  649. Chris Kaihatsu, Chicago, IL
  650. Rebecca Elson, Development Officer, Conscience: Taxes For Peace Not War,* London, UK
  651. Tracy Hahn, Inglewood, CA
  652. Charles Enright, Canon City, CO
  653. Eric Johansson, Veterans for Peace,* San Francisco, CA
  654. Ted Arens, Manistee, MI
  655. Nathan Hoffert, Richmond, VA
  656. Nancy Eberg, North Haven, CT
  657. Constance DiCandia, Pembroke Pines, FL
  658. Roseann Martorana, Downingtown, PA
  659. Kurt Eckstein, Flagstaff, AZ
  660. J. M., Des Moines, IA
  661. Dr. William van Ewijk, Biologicsinternational,* Singapore, Singapore
  662. Micah Phillips, Avalon, CA
  663. Jon Barr, Chagrin Falls, OH
  664. Paul Turner, Leicester, NC
  665. Louis Perrotta, Maywood, NJ
  666. Jeff Kolakowski, Sterling Heights, MI
  667. Erick Peter Ehrhorn, FCNL advocacy group,* Kailua, HI
  668. Joel Lorimer, Albuquerque, NM
  669. Robert Buckmann, Woodstock, GA
  670. Jim Loveland, Gulfport, FL
  671. John Puu, Patterson, CA
  672. Suhail Shafi, Danville, PA
  673. Daniela Toneatti, Spiez, Switzerland
  674. Richard Fecteau, Andover, MA
  675. Philip Spelson, Scottsdale, AZ
  676. Dawn Wolfson, Cameron Park. CA
  677. Rolando Garrido Romo, Mexico City, Mexico
  678. Beverly Williams, Medford, OR
  679. John Boyles, Garibaldi, OR
  680. Glyn Taylor, Rockport, TX
  681. Susan Buttram, Seattle, WA
  682. Michael Meo, Portland, OR
  683. Ron Gunia, Omaha, NE
  684. Katherine (Kitty) Antonik, Casa Grande, AZ
  685. Anthony Gutierrez, Tiburon, CA
  686. Steve Duff, Oshkosh, WI
  687. Leon Stephens, San Martín de Porres, Spain
  688. Sheila Goldmacher, Berkeley, CA
  689. Rod Martin, Kaneohe, HI
  690. Aaron Sweeney, New York, NY
  691. Elspeth Schell, Brooklyn, NY
  692. Deborah Kimball, Honolulu, HI
  693. Dave Bernacki, Santa Fe, NM
  694. Linda Wenning, Member, Portland Mennonite Church,* Portland, OR
  695. David Mitchell, New York, NY
  696. Door Jelsma, Hilversum, Netherlands
  697. Sabina Gambacciani, Firenze, Italy
  698. Peter Brecht, Weinsberg, Germany
  699. Deb Sawyer, Salt Lake City, UT
  700. Peggy Baxley, Port St. Joe, FL
  701. Lynn Cardiff, Salem, OR
  702. Dan Wicht, Fridley, MN
  703. William Essling, Tucson, AZ
  704. Anneliese Schultz, Gray, ME
  705. Henry Carraro, Little Rock, AR
  706. Mike Hansen, Henderson, NV
  707. Alan Macdonald, Emeritus Professor, Luther College,* Decorah, IA
  708. Kevin Hall, Dunedin, FL
  709. Steve Bickel, Louisville, CO
  710. Takuma Sminkey, Professor, Okinawa International University,* Naha, Japan
  711. Ross Tanenbaum, Las Vegas, NV
  712. R.G. Gaylor, Portales, NM
  713. Keith Augusto, Las Vegas, NV
  714. Kayla Starr, Cave Junction, OR
  715. Dino Di Lucido, Media, PA
  716. Kathy Smith, Santa Fe, NM
  717. Louis Magera, San Diego, CA
  718. Susie Kneedler, Worthington, OH
  719. Pamela Richard, Board Member, Peace Action Wisconsin,* Milwaukee, WI
  720. Albert Pereira, Kearny, NJ
  721. Catherine Crowe, Goldsboro, NC
  722. Willi Uebelherr, Bielefeld, Germany
  723. Henry Peters, Ewen, MI
  724. Alan MacDonald, Founder, People’s Peaceful Political Revolution against EMPIRE,* Wells, ME
  725. David Murchie, Professor Emeritus (Retired), Tohoku Gakuin University,* Sendai, Japan
  726. Jacob Rempel, History Teacher, Vancouver, Canada
  727. Shawn Cathcart, Manchester, CT
  728. Rena Guay, Oklahoma City, OK
  729. James Jessup, East Wenatchee, WA
  730. Jim Maas, Weston, WI
  731. David Keenan, San Francisco, CA
  732. John Keating, Toronto, Canada
  733. Rik Masterson, Nevada City, CA
  734. Jarret Wolfman, New York, NY
  735. Charlie Kaften, Atlanta, GA
  736. Jonas Schwarz, Munich, Germany
  737. Nicholas Manley, writer, editor, and blogger, Center for a Stateless Society,* Libertarian Institute,* Molinari Review,* Alliance of the Libertarian Left,* Kansas City, MO
  738. ChristiAnne Ritchey, Phoenix, AZ
  739. Geoff Hughes, San Antonio, TX
  740. Terry Spackman, Manunda, Australia
  741. Robert Albanys, Boston, MA
  742. Matthew Sampson, Hendersonville, TN
  743. David Maciewski, VolunteerThis, ,* Catholic Worker, Worcester, MA
  744. Henry Speckhahn, Jacksonville, FL
  745. Peter Gunther, Chicago, IL
  746. Wayne Stinson, Action Committee member, Peacemakers of Schoharie County,* Summit, NY
  747. Stan Goff, Adrian, MI
  748. Sal Mangiagli, Higganum, CT
  749. John Hansen, Carmichael, CA
  750. Herbert Hoffman, Veterans for Peace — Albuquerque,* NM
  751. Ray Lamoureux, Colchester, CT
  752. Adrián Bernal, Decatur, GA
  753. Zoe: Wells, Johnson City, TN
  754. Mitchell Noah, Baltimore, MD
  755. Ruth Roberts, WILPF,* Corvallis, OR
  756. Nathan Jones, Union City, CA
  757. Denise Lytle, Fords, NJ
  758. Harry Colin, East Palestine, OH
  759. Stephen Carson, Florissant, MO
  760. Michael Dionisio, North Aurora, IL
  761. Charlie McDevitt, Dumbarton, UK
  762. Roger Harkness, Oklahoma City, OK
  763. Amandus Johannes Henri Franciscus Marie Keultjes, Delft, Nederland
  764. Polly Mann, Women Against Military Madness,* Minneapolis, MN
  765. Bernadine Young, Asheville, NC
  766. Cynthia Howard, Biddeford Pool. ME
  767. Daniel Mellstrom, Minneapolis, MN
  768. Jody Chastain, Longview, WA
  769. Amir M. Maasoumi, Montreal, Canada
  770. Tom Bradburn, Lake Ariel, PA
  771. William Martin, Gilmer, TX
  772. Kathryn Little, Cleveland, OH
  773. Rob Mulford, Board Member, Alaska Peace Center,* Fairbanks, AK
  774. Dennis Marburger, Bloomfield Hills, MI
  775. Rob Currie, S. J., Jesuit, Middletown, DE
  776. Lyle Courtsal, Port Townsend, WA
  777. Bonnie Weiss, Emeryville, CA
  778. Loretta Rogers, Cody, WY
  779. E. Dionisio, North Aurora , IL
  780. John Ferrari, Hoosick Falls, NY
  781. Lissa Johnson, Sydney, Australia
  782. Manuela Faurby Olesen, Lemvig, Denmark
  783. Stefan van Wijk, Teacher, Polokwsane, South Africa
  784. Martin van Laerhoven, New Lambton, Australia
  785. Vladimir Konstantinov, Sofia, Bulgaria
  786. Rhian Durrant, langwarrin, Australia
  787. Chris Foot, Bierley Hill, UK
  788. Rob Willsher, Norwich, UK
  789. Damjan Hajsek, Dol pri LJ, Slovenia
  790. Jakob Černigoj, Ajdovscina, Slovenia
  791. Kriana Povoden Vuako, Murska Sobota, Slovenia
  792. Martyn Meacjam, Cardiff, South Wales
  793. Guercy Thimoleon, Surrey, Canada
  794. Steve Bothwell, Shrewsbury, UK
  795. Jon Christiers, Byske, Sweden
  796. Ane Bjordal, Cotacachi, Ecuador
  797. Maria Fenyvesi, Budapest, Hungary
  798. Amanda Tracy, Pittsfield, MA
  799. Alan Zanetti, Southboro, MA
  800. Vladimir Radicevic, Belgrade, Serbia
  801. B. Samsin, Edmonton, Canada
  802. Said Boudissa, Paris, France
  803. Travis Larson, Saint Cloud, MN
  804. Rob van Moorten, Alere, Netherlands
  805. Cheryl Cary, Hayesville, NC
  806. Douglas Rose, Oakland, CA
  807. Johan Dupre Almelo, Netherlands
  808. Roger Broederdorf, Moorhead, MN
  809. John Dwyer, Morgan City, LA
  810. Alexej Sworovsky, Vienna, Austria
  811. Andreas Stokowy, Jakarta, Indonesia
  812. Stephane Cusson, Quebec, Canada
  813. Olga Swinzow, Bessèges, France
  814. Alexandru Cäƒtäƒlin Lefter, Bucharest, Romania
  815. Daniel Feliu, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
  816. Brian Dempsey, Jefferson Hills , PA
  817. Robert Rose, Mont-Royal, Canada
  818. Selam T., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  819. Damien Walsh, Trikkick, N. Ireland
  820. John Smartt, Athens, GA
  821. Gonzalo Viktor Diaz Mateos, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain
  822. Niek Pals, Hengelo, Netherlands
  823. Steve Griffin, New Plymouth, ID
  824. Peter Mathisen, Direktor, Humana,* Benhavn, Denmark
  825. Zdravko Kolevski, Selo, Macedonia
  826. Günal Özdemir, Lochem, Netherlands
  827. Joey delFierro, Davao City, Philippines
  828. Greg Bajorek, Resko, Poland
  829. Lim Eng Cheong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  830. Ketil Ervik, Munkfors, Sweden
  831. Quinn Stretton, Yell, Shetland
  832. Kamal Pirzada, Islamabad, Pakistan
  833. Alain Cazzaniga, Chesieres, Switzerland
  834. James Wilson, National Health Insurance Enrollment,* Taylors Falls, MN
  835. Massoud Vaghefi, Lecturer, Faculty of Logistics & Transportation, Istanbul University, Turkey
  836. Lisa Hodgson, Eltham, Australia
  837. Henry Edward, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
  838. Martin Habeck, Berlin, Germany
  839. Marcus Otto, Speyer, Germany
  840. Sam Vekemans, Victoria, Canada
  841. Reidar Barstad, Risøyhamn, Norway
  842. Pavlos Xanthopoulos, Stockholm, Sweden
  843. Stack Kenny, Asheville, MA
  844. Benson Cameron, Echuca, Australia
  845. Robert Layden, Hallieford, VA
  846. Robert Latham, Ripley, OH
  847. Trienke Loch Zandstra, Mevrouw,* Apeldoorn, Netherlands
  848. Hartmut Groeneveld, Researcher, Free21,* Karlsruhe, Germany
  849. Gavin Claassen, Nairobi, Kenya
  850. Ilka Mothes, Pforzheim, Germany
  851. Petra Zoffmann, Graz, Austria
  852. Maria Engstrãm, Skãvde, Sweden
  853. Yvan Van Driessche, Izobilny, Russia
  854. Phyllis Beauvais, Savannah, GA
  855. Rainer Hecht, Niederneisen, Germany
  856. Christoph Landwehrs, Köln, Germany
  857. Prof. Dr. D. Mukhopadhyay, Salt Lake, Kolkaka, India
  858. Anthony Roger Lane, London, UK
  859. Hector Fattorini, Pacific Palisades, CA
  860. S. Weil, chicago, IL
  861. Brett Harris, Reservoir, Australia
  862. Piotr Rak, Dublin, Ireland
  863. Mario Weller, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
  864. Sharyn Wise, Humansdorp, South Africa
  865. Sev Mel, Melbourne, Australia
  866. Nicholas Schmidt, Saratoga Springs, NY
  867. Suvasree Mukherjee, Howrah, India
  868. Marguerite Hamilton, Irvington, NJ
  869. Karl Bergot, Brest, France
  870. Michael Dugger, Beverly Hills, FL
  871. Ivan Yglesia, Brooklyn, NY
  872. Mark Phelan, Brooklyn, NY
  873. Mark Wolosonowich, Harrison, MI
  874. Joey van der Weide, De Krim, Netherlands
  875. Gerri Mehlenbacher, Chatham, Canada
  876. Raymond Saunders, Leicester, UK
  877. Jan Mentz, Uden, Netherlands
  878. Isaac Hammond, Folkestone, UK
  879. Erik Skjold, Stavanger, Norway
  880. Mohsin Allie, Joburg, South Africa
  881. Richard Compas, Farmington, MO
  882. Ronel Alberti da Rosa, Professor, PUCRS,* Porto Alere, Brasil
  883. Fi Jolli, Nong Khai, Thailand
  884. Annetta Phillips, Portland, OR
  885. Kira In, Commack, NY
  886. Michel Fernandez, Moscow, Russia
  887. Daniela Hauptmann, Angwin, CA
  888. Milka Ceranic, Toronto, Canada
  889. John Heyman, Stenungsund, Sweden
  890. Manfred Lenk, Nuernberg, Germany
  891. Valera Bochkarev, Wayland, MA
  892. Ann Coffey, Ottawa, Canada
  893. Jack Coleman, Wichita, KA
  894. Cindy Gibson, Nanaimo, Canada
  895. Mario Silva, Burgh, Netherlands
  896. Toni Brinkmann, Bremen, Germany
  897. Manuel Pardo, Madrid, Spain
  898. Roland Laycock, Mansfield, UK
  899. Rebecca Le Clair, Churubusco, NY
  900. Chris Rogers, Hitchin, UK
  901. David Norris, Cannock, UK
  902. William Owens, Cherry Rd, WA
  903. Jonas Svensson, Norrtälje, Sweden
  904. Linda Smith, Baltimore, MD
  905. Wilfried Wagner, Dingelstädt, Germany
  906. Susan O’Neill, Peterborough, UK
  907. Roderick Stirling, Johannesburg, South Africa
  908. Ursula Wagner, Dingelstädt, Germany
  909. Daniela Tomanovic, Benalup, Spain
  910. Staffan Ekbom, Stockholm, Sweden
  911. Mark Vincent, San Francisco, CA
  912. Ursula Riches, Llanelli, UK
  913. Nicholas Denby, Nuneaton, UK
  914. Peter Rickett, Milton Keynes, UK
  915. Russell Meyers, Albuquerque, NM
  916. Carol Nayery, Lake Isabella, CA
  917. Gayle McIntyre, Mississauga, Canada
  918. Guy St. Hilaire, Ste Agathe, Canada
  919. Peter Persikowski, Meppen, Germany
  920. James Pott, Foxboro, Canada
  921. Olga Curry, Norman Gardens Rockhampton, Australia
  922. Erik Crist, Elgin, IL
  923. Patrick Lynch, Teacher, InLingua,* Moscow, Russia
  924. J. Yap, Richmond, Canada
  925. Victor Melis, Mouvaux, France
  926. John Lutz, Belmar, NJ
  927. Aim Jahan, Rangpour, Bangladesh
  928. Rainer Classen, Willich, Germany
  929. Corey Mueske, Red Wing, MN
  930. James Hartley, Arlington, VA
  931. Peter Nuzzi, Montedinove, Italy
  932. Ahmet Kaygusuz, Istanbul, Turkey
  933. Teresa Robinson, Smithfield, VA
  934. Francis McQueen, London, UK
  935. Pierre Jordan, Geneva, Switzerland
  936. Elisabeth Jenders, Telgte, Germany
  937. Mike Andrews, Blairsville, GA
  938. John Stoker, Melbourne, Australia
  939. Craig Adkins, Los Angeles, CA
  940. Don Preston, Burlington, VT
  941. Pierre Champagne, Montreal, Canada
  942. Dane Cobble, Boulder, CO
  943. Darren Harper, Derby, UK
  944. Kevin Espeseth, Edgewood, NM
  945. David James, River Heights, UT
  946. Ian Callaghan, London, UK
  947. Israel Pardos Velez, Zaragoza, Spain
  948. William Bowatzke, Burnaby, Canada
  949. Jesus Solorzno, Monterrey, Mexico
  950. José Antonio Pardos, Zaragoza, Spain
  951. Helder Pena, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  952. Nikolai Lieders, Middletown, CT
  953. Roberto Murillo, Placerville, CA
  954. Basudeb Biswas, Ex Vice-President, Secondary Teachers and Employees Association WB,* Kolkata, India
  955. Charles Smith, Belleville, MI
  956. Wayne Chauvin, Director, AntiNWO,* Tecumseh, Canada
  957. Jason Patterson, Masterton, New Zealand
  958. Melanie Dupre, Providence, RI
  959. Bruce Forsyth, Paterson, NJ
  960. John McClain, Retired, Gunnery Sergeant, Marine Corps,* Vanceboro, NC
  961. Olumide Samson, Austin, TX
  962. Marie-Claude O’Connor, Sarcé, France
  963. S. Mumford, Balloch, UK
  964. Alberto Osejo, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  965. Henrik Arild Sandbæk, Tananger, Norway
  966. Rolf Zaeschmar, San Diego, CA
  967. Ian McCulloch, Hereford, UK
  968. Michael McTague, Long Beach, CA
  969. Jeffrey Torrico, Yorba Linda, CA
  970. Dario Hernandez, Somerton, AZ
  971. Mahan Khalsa, Salt Lake City, UT
  972. Bernt Halvard Sleire, Oslo, Norway
  973. Susan Norman-Jones, Cave Junction, OR
  974. Rob van Moorten, Almere, Netherlands
  975. Robert Mitrocsak, Philadelphia, PA
  976. Kathrin Soroko, Brisbane, Australia
  977. Anton Borys, Vancouver, Canada
  978. William Washburn, Santa Maria, CA
  979. John Veresuk, Regina, Canada
  980. Steven Carter, Maidenbower, UK
  981. Terrance Winterton, Wyong, Australia
  982. Ian Bragg, Townsville, Australia
  983. John Van Akker, Vancouver, Canada
  984. Jesus Arriaza, Guatemala, Guatemala
  985. Anne Streeter, Mount Royal, Canada
  986. Austin Fleites, Waterloo, Canada
  987. Ivan Chromy, Prague, Czech Republic
  988. Darrell Rolstone, Llarkspsur, CA
  989. David Wiebe, Terrace, Canada
  990. Traian Lalescu, Stockton, CA
  991. Kevin Hudson, Sonora, TX
  992. John Ferriter, Dingle, Ireland
  993. Rex Frost, Woodstock, AL
  994. Brad Golding, Moorland, Australia
  995. Justin Kahm, Billings, MT
  996. Mark Aylward, Newcastle, Australia
  997. Nephtai Alicea, Toa Boja, Puerto Rice
  998. John Clendaniel, Jacksonville, FL
  999. Mark Straka, Cleveland, OH
  1000. Darren Strange, Portland, OR
  1001. Nick Petrochko, Schenectady, NY
  1002. Tony Boyer, Boise, ID
  1003. Michael Casper, Minnesota City, MN
  1004. Tiyana Maksimovich-Binno, Earlwood, Australia
  1005. Ron Smith, Gladstone, Australia
  1006. James Churchley, Woollooomooloo, Australia
  1007. Arvin Van Dyke, Quincy, WA
  1008. Bob Harvey, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
  1009. Rex Shore, Wongaling Beach, Australia
  1010. Michael Turner, Powderly, TX
  1011. Liliana Przybek, Toronto, Canada
  1012. April Norton, Cocoa, FL
  1013. Mick Higgins, Darwin, Australia
  1014. David Aguilar, Glendale, AZ
  1015. Daniel Labunski, Tacoma, WA
  1016. Zachary Neumann, Exeter, PA
  1017. Radomir Ristiä, Niš, Serbia
  1018. Igor Chterbik, Burnaby, Canada
  1019. Mark Bennett, Bonney Lake, WA
  1020. Gordon Kilpinen, Pembroke, Canada
  1021. Tim Cox, Split, Brazil
  1022. Stephan Vallee, Nongprue, Thailand
  1023. Rosanne Trottier, Bangkok, Thailand
  1024. Theodor Vogel, Berwick, Australia
  1025. Winston McGill, Birmingham, AL
  1026. Nils Bjorkelo, Fredrikstad, Norway
  1027. Will Tuttle, Healdsburg, CA
  1028. Raymond Lambert, Zaporhozhye, Ukraine
  1029. Erik Lobo, Veterans For Peace,* Chicago, IL
  1030. Maura Harvey, Del Mar, CA
  1031. Juan Di­az, Medellin, Colombia
  1032. Irene Lemega, Benalla, Australia
  1033. Jason Murphy, Colorado Springs, CO
  1034. Randhir Singh, Gurugram, India
  1035. J.A. Menard, Salt Spring, Canada
  1036. John Corcoran, Hyannis, MA
  1037. Paul Kane, Bloomington, IN
  1038. Cotta Gérard, Brignoles. France
  1039. Elisabeth Cotta, Correns, France
  1040. Olga Sevilla, Canoga Park, CA
  1041. Rainer Schmid, Aalen, Germany
  1042. Isaac Mhlakaza, GS, PAAM,* Johannesburg, South Africa
  1043. Peter Durant, Jacksonville, FL
  1044. Arianna Stinchelli, Milan, Italy
  1045. James Smith, Matthews, NC
  1046. Vio Tam, Hong Kong
  1047. Lucien Descombes, Zurich, Switzerland
  1048. Laura Ludwig, Lincoln Park, MI
  1049. Wael Yahsson, Beirut, Lebanon
  1050. Jonathan Mcclendon, Mustang, OK
  1051. Jürgen Koch, Duisburg, Germany
  1052. Amardeep, Guntur, India
  1053. Marit Brekke, Nesoddtangen, Norway
  1054. Muhannad Faza, Amman, Jordan
  1055. Franco Crazzi, Brisbane, Australia
  1056. Susan Hayes, Northport, AL
  1057. Erwin Franzen, Rodange, Luxembourg
  1058. Ali Frisco, Bathgate, Scotland
  1059. Alexandre Collet, Bray Dunes, France
  1060. Charles Teunissen, Zevenaar, Netherlands
  1061. Traian Cainaru, Buffalo, NY
  1062. Jamie Estevez, Martinez, CA
  1063. Mazen Khiami, Damascus, Syria
  1064. Fred van der Star, Utrecht, Netherlands
  1065. Catherine D., Shady Cove, OR
  1066. Rahim Petsch, Plettenbergbay, South Africa
  1067. Marius Kotze, Darnall, South Africa
  1068. Henry Pietrzak, Baguio City, Philipines
  1069. Anthony Roger Lane
  1070. Wil Reyes, Stockton, CA
  1071. Raisa Al Malak, Gauteng, South Africa
  1072. Bo Olsson, Dals-Rostock, Sweden
  1073. Nenad Glišiä‡, Kragujevac, Serbia
  1074. John Galt, Toronto, Canada
  1075. Anthony Trevorrow, Tralee, Ireland
  1076. John Lisiak, New York, NY
  1077. Lev Gunti, Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Netherlands
  1078. Walt Sicinski, Toronto, Canada
  1079. George Blackman, Annandale, VA
  1080. Vera Kasserra, Johannesburg, South Africa
  1081. Benoir Rees, Swansea, Wales
  1082. Frank Burton, Kuranda, Australia
  1083. Brb Lug, Zell a.H., Germany
  1084. A. M. Pope, Shrewsbury, UK
  1085. George Moulas, Tessaloniki, Greece
  1086. Sam Bonner, Safety Harbor, FL
  1087. Michelle Maisonneuve, Daytona Beach, FL
  1088. Feizal Kalla, Randburg, South Africa
  1089. Hugh Haggarty, Brora, Scotland
  1090. Enrique Castanon, Caba, Argentina
  1091. Viktor Engström, Stockholm, Sweden
  1092. Parker Mead, Kampot, Cambodia
  1093. A. Akyel, Qbyakya, Turkey
  1094. Christa Scheurich, Arnstein, Germany
  1095. Andreas Argyrides, Nicosia, Cyprus
  1096. Petr Dvorak, Kromeriz, Czechia
  1097. Anneli Lindroos, Jyväskylä, Finland
  1098. Jean Daniel Chopard, Basel, Switzerland
  1099. Vivian Mauro, London, UK
  1100. Richard Borschel, Balatonfured, Hungary
  1101. Kahml Kim, Singapore
  1102. Lilija Sile, Watanobbi, Australia
  1103. Pamela Gillaspie, Wheatland, CA
  1104. Gerhard Baisch, Bremen, Germany
  1105. Ken Underwood, Derby, UK
  1106. Marc Kamphorst, Nijkerk, Netherlands
  1107. Aribam Charanjan Sharma, Imphal, India
  1108. Adam Baum, Monterey Pary, CA
  1109. Jack Brus, Niagara on the Lake, Canada
  1110. Sandra Winnemueller, Registered Nurse, Algoma, WI
  1111. Sergey Ivanov, St. Petersburg, Russia
  1112. Marlene-Rosalie Papas, Hillcrest, Durban, South Africa
  1113. Marianna Skontorp, McGregor, South Africa
  1114. Chris Groberel, Chisinau, Moldova
  1115. Nicole Gladu, Delta, Canada
  1116. Sylvanna Caldwell, Wetumka, OK
  1117. Inna Paskina, PE Teacher, Hebburn, UK
  1118. Niko Tiitto, Oulu, Finland
  1119. Nicole Janssen, Columbus, GA
  1120. Andrew Wait, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
  1121. Ruth Seal, Hudson, FL
  1122. Barry McKay, Manchester, UK
  1123. Ted Stahly, Bloomington, IN
  1124. Phillip Traut, Cape Town, South Africa
  1125. Knut Lennart Tangen, Stange, Norway
  1126. Daniel Stefan, Sibiu, Romania
  1127. Vladimirs Marinicevs, St. Albans, UK
  1128. Reale Fortunato, Genova, Italy
  1129. Arnolda Mol, North Vancouver, Canada
  1130. Joseph Russell, Apache Junction, AZ
  1131. Thomas Cox, Ft. Myers, FL
  1132. Cindy Lathrop, Carmel, CA
  1133. Robert Colee, Flowery Branch, GA
  1134. Zak Krsmanovic, Oldham, UK
  1135. Billy Pierce, Flagler, CO
  1136. Matthew Brooks, Birmingham, UK
  1137. Edward Collier, Vandalia, IL
  1138. Onno Frowein, Noordwijk, Netherlands
  1139. Balint Nemes, Stoke-on-Trent, UK
  1140. James Simpson, Truck Driver, Edmonton, Canada
  1141. Frances Watkins, Windcrest, TX
  1142. Greg Nyman, Smithfield, UT
  1143. Patty Brey, Metairie, LA
  1144. Daniel Dinov, Skopje, Macedonia
  1145. Hubert Hays, Whangarei, New Zealand
  1146. William Stoecker, Sacramento, CA
  1147. Gordon Harris, Tywyn, UK
  1148. Georgia Angelique Mereu, Noordwolde, Netherlands
  1149. Ruth Petersen, Knoxville, TN
  1150. Jeannette Kotsonis, Boca Raton, FL
  1151. Barbara Robinson, Spokane, WA
  1152. Dominik Rajdl, Nürnberg, Germany
  1153. Thomas Freeman, Prescott, AZ
  1154. Unsil Delange, Ardsley, NY
  1155. Tim P., Loveladies, NJ
  1156. Wesley Douglas, Medford, NJ
  1157. Daniel Patterson, Corbin City, NJ
  1158. Michael Johnson, Fayetteville, PA
  1159. Brandon Watts, Baker College,* Lincoln Park, MI
  1160. L. W. Frandsen, Lavahotsprings, ID
  1161. Julia Cheng, San Francisco , CA
  1162. Ruth Gamberg, Halifax, Canada
  1163. Harald Wittmer, Bangkok, Thailand
  1164. Lorilee House, Adelanto, CA
  1165. Mary Lucchese, Atlanta4Cuba,* Rome, GA
  1166. Monroe Edwin Jeffrey, Shawnee, OK
  1167. William Schurdevin, Sioux City, IA
  1168. Daniel Nilsson, Edmonton, CA
  1169. Jozef Horvat, Birmingham, UK
  1170. Bruce Taylor, East Hampton, CT
  1171. David Gibson, North Plympton, Australia
  1172. Christiane Baerenz, Berlin, Germany
  1173. Gregory Davis, Mesa, AZ
  1174. Predrag Joldic, Petrovaradin, Serbia
  1175. Kjell Bygdén, Stockholm, Sweden
  1176. Stephanie Maddox, Chaplin, KY
  1177. Rebecca Smith, Daytona Beach, CA
  1178. Marc van Delft, The Hague,
  1179. Nancy Bryant, Apache Junction, AZ
  1180. Fábio de Oliveira Ribeiro, Osasco, Brazil
  1181. Phil Hall, CEO, Frankston Peoples Group,* Melbourne, Australia
  1182. Tirso Bautista, Chicago, IL
  1183. Cees Kochx, Beverwijk, Netherlands
  1184. Antony Moore, Cowes, UK
  1185. Luc Lefever, Leopoldsburg, Belgium
  1186. Jerry Ciolino, Vista, CA
  1187. Kenneth Wiltshire, Elizabeth, NJ
  1188. Larry Woods, Independence, MO
  1189. Jackie Kolbe, Jonesborough
  1190. Judy Guffey, Sun City, CA
  1191. Jerome Skyrud, San Diego, CA
  1192. Susan Harman, Code Pink,* Oakland, CA
  1193. Roger Brown, Sebastopol, CA
  1194. Marilyn Hoff, El Prado, NM
  1195. Boyce Booth, Hendersonville, NC
  1196. Charles Clements, Las Cruces, NM
  1197. Ed Elliott, Ben Lomond, CA
  1198. Ariel Heron, Anchorage, AK
  1199. Bruce Patin, Newtown, PA
  1200. Skip Cross, Baltimore, MD
  1201. Krassimir Stoev, Ottawa, Canada
  1202. Peter Curia, Scottsdale, AZ
  1203. Paul Marner, Point Richmond, CA
  1204. Lisa Hillesland, Longmont, CO
  1205. Jeff Williams, Talbot Green, UK
  1206. Amy Harlib, New York, NY
  1207. Shari Bruun, Camas, WA
  1208. Syd Fredrickson, Seattle, WA
  1209. Joan Dowling, Shaker Hts., OH
  1210. Larry Kent, Jacksonville, NC
  1211. William Cole, Port Orchard, WA
  1212. Christopher Lunn, Carson City, NV
  1213. Marc Bozzacco, Glenside, PA
  1214. Lynn Genrich, Hamilton Township, NJ
  1215. Ryan Thornto, Eagle River, AK
  1216. ellen Allen, Founder, Good Neighbor Society,* Gainesville, FL
  1217. Murad Rakhimov, St. John’s, Canada
  1218. Richard Allen, Sterrett, AL
  1219. Stephen Johnson, San Diego, CA
  1220. David Barouh, Brooklyn, NY
  1221. Scott Eskew, Pompano Beach, FL
  1222. Gunther Ruckl, PNHP,* Decatur, GA
  1223. Gerard F. Gaudin, Metairie, LA
  1224. Karl Moore, Slidell, LA
  1225. Scott A. Weir, Durham, NC
  1226. Bruce Wallace, Vista, CA
  1227. Peter Childs, Miranda, CA
  1228. Glen Williams, Weed, CA
  1229. Lesley Patton, Kapa’au, HI
  1230. Vivianne Mosca-Clark, Williams, OR
  1231. Joseph Leedy, Virginia Beach, VA
  1232. Wendell F. Perks Jr, Trumansburg, NY
  1233. Chaitanya Davé, Los Angeles, CA
  1234. Annick Baud, Malden, NY
  1235. Robert Perkins, Carson City, NV
  1236. Chris Doyle, Widnes, UK
  1237. Corey E. Olsen, Delafield, WI
  1238. Barton Stone, Sebastopol, CA
  1239. Lynn Shoemaker, Whitewater, WI
  1240. Mike Parsons, Aguilar, CO
  1241. Al Rosenbrock, Saginaw, MI
  1242. Kathryn Christian, Grand Junction, CO
  1243. Leslie Zingarelli, Alameda, CA
  1244. P. Brooks McGinnis, Portland, OR
  1245. Geoff Hughes, San Antonio, TX
  1246. Denise Romesburg, Phoenix, AZ
  1247. Rohan Sabnis, Culver City, CA
  1248. Edward Barnard, Raleigh, NC
  1249. Ron Craven, Osoyoos, Canada
  1250. Yolanda Stern, Indiana, PA
  1251. Jessica Lewis, Beverly Farms, MA
  1252. Bo Svensson, Santa Rosa, CA
  1253. Robert Skappel, Daceyville, Australia
  1254. Adelheid Berst, Esslingen, Germany
  1255. Olimpio Lemos Cardoso, Campo Grande, Brazil
  1256. Duane McDonald, Apple Creek, OH
  1257. Thomas Dickinson, Minneapolis, MN
  1258. Danielle L. Greene, Falls Church, VA
  1259. David Leeper, Madison, WI
  1260. Ed Moss, Vienna, ME
  1261. Henry Homburger, Rochester, MN
  1262. Vester Vercoe, Malvern, PA
  1263. Marion Kim, East Canton, OH
  1264. Don Muncy, Freeville, NY
  1265. Kathleen Myers, Seattle, WA
  1266. Jerry Detry, Green Bay, WI
  1267. Robert Charland, Sacramento, CA
  1268. Richard Johnson, Prudenville, MI
  1269. Ansula Press, Portland, OR
  1270. Mark Rolofson, Boulder, CO
  1271. Kazuye Suyematsu, Berkeley, CA
  1272. Tim Galli, Tara, Australia
  1273. Anne Jacopetti, Santa Rosa, CA
  1274. Jelica Roland, Buzet, Croatia
  1275. Sergio Collucci, Campinas, Spain
  1276. Adam Nation, Peaceniks For Peace,* West Windsor, NJ
  1277. Lee Loe, Houston, TX
  1278. Douglas Sullivan, Wildomar, CA
  1279. Wilma Ralls, Marietta, GA
  1280. Mark Green, Palm Desert, CA
  1281. John Thorssin, Toms River, NJ
  1282. Klaus H. Krueger, Simmerath – Hammer, Germany
  1283. Tom Riviere, Temecula, CA
  1284. None Ceorl, Mammoth Lakes, CA
  1285. Rafael Morä­s Pablos, Torrelodones, Spain
  1286. Anita Salvén, Sãderort Skärholmen, Sweden
  1287. Theresa Cameranesi, San Francisco, CA
  1288. Judie Hoeppner, Lihue, HI
  1289. George Shaub, Ewing, NJ
  1290. Roxanne Evans, Beulah, MI
  1291. G. West, Everett, WA
  1292. Jim Burkiewicz, Ocklawaha, FL
  1293. Sébastien Fleury, Delemont, Switzerland
  1294. Nancy Major, Phoenixville, PA
  1295. Wilma Ralls, Marietta, GA
  1296. David Sanderson, Lamoine, ME
  1297. Guy Tero, Orange Grove, South Africa
  1298. Joseph Kuisick, Johnstown, PA
  1299. L. Bagley, Albuquerque, NM
  1300. Mary McGuckin, Kansas City, MO
  1301. Rostislav Babyak, History Instructor and Chair of Department, Catholic High School,* El Paso, TX
  1302. Natalie Sunker, Attorney, Irving, TX
  1303. Sorcha Dannsair, Lanarkshire, Scotland
  1304. Madge Penelope Morgan, Detroit, MI
  1305. Dunja Jonas, Pretoria, South Africa
  1306. Wilma Ralls, Marietta, CA
  1307. Michael Brown, Mangoplah, Australia
  1308. Joost Ruijsch, Wageningen, Netherlands
  1309. Jonathan Keys, Greenwood, AR
  1310. Juan de Escalada, Copenhagen, Denmark
  1311. Terrie Williams, Vidor, TX
  1312. Martha Goodale, Westbrook, ME
  1313. Ronald Walters, Greensboro, NC
  1314. Paddy Hickman, London, UK
  1315. Thomas Adams, Browns Valley, CA
  1316. Tom Heppe, Shorewood, WI
  1317. Tamara Dreier, OFallon, IL
  1318. Bob Smith, Costa Mesa, CA
  1319. Claudia Karas, Frankfurt, Germany
  1320. James Pitre, Queen Valley, AZ
  1321. David Zarembka, Gaithersburg, MD
  1322. Marilyn Langlois, Board of Conveners, Transcend,* Richmond, CA
  1323. Julio Zevallos, Lima, Peru
  1324. Larry Miller, Defuniak Springs, FL
  1325. Jamie Shanks, Bishopton, UK
  1326. Robert Jenusaitis, Kenmore, WA
  1327. Nuala Callahan, Co.Cork., Ireland
  1328. Lou Cassivi, Comox Valley, Canada
  1329. Vincent Voigt, Jena, Germany
  1330. Pablo Ruiz, Latin America Coordinator, SOAWatch,* Santiago, Chile
  1331. Solomon Frohlichstein, Casa Grande, AZ
  1332. Vivekanand Tripathi, Noida, India
  1333. Terri Cogburn, Dallas, TX
  1334. Dragisa Stanimirovic, Miami, FL
  1335. Mike Huebner, Marietta, GA
  1336. Doie Sullican, Belfast, UK
  1337. James Huebner, Lexington, VA
  1338. Virginia Kelly, Wilmington, NC
  1339. Andre Kaminski, Hoppegarten, Germany
  1340. Marcin Kawalek, Edinburgh, Wielka Brytania
  1341. Esben Skotte, Nittedal, Norway
  1342. Hal, Womack, San Francisco, CA
  1343. Dragan Radulovic, Bela Crkva, Serbia
  1344. Dana Banov, Sydney, Australia
  1345. Robert Brausch, York, SC
  1346. Mary-Alice Strom, Marysville, WA
  1347. Mathew Thomas, Beaconsfield, Australia
  1348. Vincent Young, Vienna, OH
  1349. Ernesto Fernandes, Lisbon, Portugal
  1350. Terry Wall, Shoal Bay, Australia
  1351. Raafae Khan, Lahore, Pakistan
  1352. Elena Bridges, Portland, OR
  1353. E. Harth, Regensburg, Germany
  1354. Stephen Gehm, Chicago, IL
  1355. Roger Barmann, Anacortes, WA
  1356. Monte George Jr., Tempe, AZ
  1357. Mary Blickensderfer, Redlands, CA
  1358. John Emerson, Boonville, IN
  1359. Yvonne Spryn, Payson, AZ
  1360. Marion Denk, Fürth, Germany
  1361. Ariel Gomez, Milwaukee, WI
  1362. Amy Humphreys, Norman Gardens, Australia
  1363. Karen Bowers, Lawrenceburg, TN
  1364. Essie Little, San Diego, CA
  1365. James Feltus, Greeneville, TN
  1366. Matthew Glass, St. Leonard, MD
  1367. Jon Olsen, Co-chair, Maine Green Independent Party,* Jefferson, ME
  1368. Damian Pritchett, Ascot, WA
  1369. Andre Nolf, Burlington, Canada
  1370. Casey Gerlin, Suwanee, GA
  1371. Patricia Gorton, Cedar Rapids, IA
  1372. Kathleen Watanabe, Irvine, CA
  1373. Jacob Benoit, Buffalo, NY
  1374. Michael Chung, Toronto, Canada
  1375. Robert Keith, Brooklyn, NY
  1376. Michael Schlieben, Limbach-Oberfrohna, Germany
  1377. Helmut R. Drackert, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  1378. Gunter Schenk, Strasbourg, France
  1379. Jonathan Trautman, Calgary, Canada
  1380. Stephanie Reidt, Knüllwald, Germany
  1381. Radu Timis, Calgary, Canada
  1382. Elena Levy, Berkeley, CA
  1383. Varadan Chandar, Kanxhipuram, India
  1384. Elizabeth Johnston, Manchester, UK
  1385. Christiane Triquet, Cagnes sur Mer, France
  1386. Marlene Brookes, Hattingen, Germany
  1387. Nils Bjorkelo, Fredrikstad, Norway
  1388. Laszlo Elias, Ascot, UK
  1389. Erika Rehfeld, Neumünster, Germany
  1390. Kathleen Skelton, Gainesville, GA
  1391. Penny Hines, Medway, OH
  1392. Oliver Hein, Göteborg, Sweden
  1393. Simon Parkes, Ramsey, UK
  1394. Theodore Bahn, Pensacola, FL
  1395. Aria Munteanu, Bucharest, Romania
  1396. Michel Freret, Le Port Marly, France
  1397. Hans Joachim Schmitz, Berlin, Germany
  1398. Gwen Merrick, Astoris, NY
  1399. Christine Schaffer, Harvard, MA
  1400. Iraklis Tsavdaridis, Executive Secretary, World Peace Council,* Athens, Greece
  1401. Tanya Gridley, Melbourne, Australia
  1402. Tim Barton, BlueGreenEarth,* St Leonards-on-Sea, UK
  1403. Sonia Nordenson, Pine Mountain Club, CA
  1404. Walden Mathews, Norwalk, CT
  1405. Lydia Thies, Bielefeld, Germany
  1406. Karl Wendland, Soyaux, France
  1407. Kent Lawrence, Rutland, VT
  1408. Kurt Brungardt, Riverside, CA
  1409. Arvin Vohra, Vice Chair, Libertarian Party,* Bethesda, MD
  1410. William Fusfield, Professor emeritus, U. of Pittsburgh,* Pittsburgh, PA
  1411. James Back, Soldotna, AK
  1412. Amy Gay, Stamford, CT
  1413. Jean Peace, Sheffield, UK
  1414. Michael Meyer, Garberville, CA
  1415. Dale Hood, Wimberley, TX
  1416. Ursula Schymanski, Die Linke,* Mühltal, Germany
  1417. Ben Grooms, Slipperyrock, PA
  1418. Béchir Larbi, Grosblie, France
  1419. David Pratt Demarest, Omaha, NE
  1420. Brigid O’Hagan, Dallas, OR
  1421. Mike Shipley, Phoenix, AZ
  1422. John Herron, Charlotte, NC
  1423. Adolfo Domi­nguez, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  1424. Amanda Bryan, Springfield, IL
  1425. Pavel Pridal, Miramar, India
  1426. Steve Stojanovich, Richmond Hill, Canada
  1427. Mark Burton, Denver Peace Council,* Denver, CO
  1428. Robert Amin, Los Angeles, CA
  1429. Diane Mielke, Glendale, WI
  1430. Bonnie Weiss, Emeryville, CA
  1431. Suzanne De Kuyper, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  1432. Frederick Hardman, Manchester, UK
  1433. Gary Onderisin, Guelph, Canada
  1434. Johanna König, Berlin, Germany
  1435. Kenneth Dalton, Clifton, NJ
  1436. E.F. Mattukat, Heidelberg, Germany
  1437. Jakob Adam, Hannover, Germany
  1438. Carolyn Shaw, Middletown, CT
  1439. Douglas Loner, Rockford, IL
  1440. Pamela Storer, Vladivostok, Russia
  1441. Gertraud Kieswimmer, Wurmannsquick, Germany
  1442. John Cloud, Sanford, NC
  1443. Martha Vinick, Sarasota, FL
  1444. Jennifer Kenny, Cocoa, FL
  1445. Carlos Williams, Houston, TX
  1446. Mike and Miriam Kurland, Williamsburg, MA
  1447. Rahmat Aimaque, Toronto, Canada
  1448. Lynne Grey, Fitchburg, MA
  1449. Elizabeth Aaronsohn, We Refuse to Be Enemies,* New Britain, CT
  1450. Ann-Margret Lovling, Vasteras, Sweden
  1451. Robert Erenburg, Jersey City, NJ
  1452. Leonard Goodman, Chicago, IL
  1453. Dr. Herbert Lebhary, Professor of Chemistry (Emeritus), San Diego State University,* San Diego, CA
  1454. John Morgan, Chicago, IL
  1455. Stephen Berk, Clatsop Community College,* Astoria, OR
  1456. Carol Wade, New Haven, CT
  1457. Gene Ulmer, Salt Lake City, UT
  1458. Petra Sohler, Kreuztal, Germany
  1459. Jon Belt, Houston, TX
  1460. Joseph Wasserman, West Hartford, CT
  1461. Peter Vormer, Opeinde, Netherlands
  1462. Scott Smith, Pittsburgh, PA
  1463. Sam Christobel, Sydney, Australia
  1464. Diana E. Forrest, Tadmorden, UK
  1465. Babu Dawood, Larkana, Pakistan
  1466. Sarah Whitson, Hamden, CT
  1467. Dennis Martin, Phoenix, AZ
  1468. Mary Compton, Co-chair, Greater New Haven Peace Council,* Hamden, CT
  1469. Terry Apps, Tahmoor, Australia
  1470. Jiae Paik, Yangpyung, South Korea
  1471. Margaret Hertel, Albuquerque, NM
  1472. Hartmut Wihstutz, Pediatrician, IPPNW,* Hohen Neuendorf, Germany
  1473. Janet E. Harris, Ottawa, Canada
  1474. Helmut Loosen, Boppard, Germany
  1475. Anthony Scott-Robinson, Palgrave, UK
  1476. Yvonne Teruya, Santa Monica, CA
  1477. Madison Baker, Avon, OH
  1478. Luis Beltran, Renton, WA
  1479. Peyotr DharamWeer Dahl, Lärbro, Sweden
  1480. Jarrett Bryant, Oakland, CA
  1481. Zdena Cerny, Böblingen, Germany
  1482. Luci Murphy, Black Workers Center,* Washington D.C.
  1483. Michele Reynolds, Oak Park, MI
  1484. Faolan Baldwin, Eugene, OR
  1485. Janet Weil, Palm Springs, CA
  1486. Ferdinando, Barcelona, Spain
  1487. George Welch, Sixes, OR
  1488. Donna Greenberg, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  1489. Midas Dewolff, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  1490. James Brimhall, Zollikon, Switzerland
  1491. Jan Diek van Mansvelt, Chair, D2E,* Broek in Waterland, Netherlands
  1492. Sebastian Podlejski, Berlin, Germany
  1493. Matthias Busch, Saarwellingen, Germany
  1494. Elfi Littmann-Kaba, Mahajanga, Madagascar
  1495. William Grosh, El Centro, CA
  1496. Barbara Witthaut, Dülmen, Germany
  1497. Günter Kuhr, Havixbeck, Germany
  1498. Christa Feodarow, Oberdachstetten, Germany
  1499. Roger Johnson, South Range, WI
  1500. Daana Banov, Sydney, Australia
  1501. Robert Hachey, Waltham, MA
  1502. Yelena Komnatskiy, Sacramento, CA
  1503. Ewan Anderson, Cedar Fort, UT
  1504. Kristin Dorage, Oakland, CA
  1505. BeVan Presley, Copenhagen, Denmark
  1506. Barbara Nielsen, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom,* San Francisco, CA
  1507. Hilda Richey, Hillsboro, WI
  1508. Veronica Vos, Waardenburg, Netherlands
  1509. John Goodman, St. Leonards on Sea, UK
  1510. William Nolan, Browns Valley, CA
  1511. Thomas Reinert, Sprecher/Speaker, Bündnis 90 / Die GRÜNEN Dülmen,* Dülmen, Germany
  1512. Patricia Schroeder, Member of Leadership Committee for WILPF US DISARM, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom,* Port Angeles, WA
  1513. Nick Mottern, Coordinator,, Hastings on Hudson, NY
  1514. Bradley Geyer, Veterans for Peace-Chapter 175* — Janesville, WI, Iraq Veterans Against War,* Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3589* — Jefferson, WI
  1515. Felix Rothenfußer, Erlenbach, Germany
  1516. Terry Phelan, Albany, NY
  1517. Christine Mason, Portland, OR
  1518. Alan Shorb, Co-secretary, US Department of Peace,* Ojai, CA
  1519. Bill Fuller, Wallingford, CT
  1520. J. D., Portland, OR
  1521. Rafael Gefert, Mainz, Germany
  1522. Stefanie Bollmann, La Serena, Chile
  1523. Brian Ness, Tarzana, CA
  1524. Jelena Osijek HR, Osijek, Croatia
  1525. Hans Gilgen, Clever, MO
  1526. James Garfield, San Diego, CA
  1527. Stefanie Hilke, Berlin, Germany
  1528. Donald Coughlin, Olympia, WA
  1529. Hilda Richey, Hillsboro, WI
  1530. Reinhold Berndanner, Stadtlohn, Germany
  1531. Robert Weber Jr., Culver City, CA
  1532. Arlene Hickory, Lake Bluff, IL
  1533. Peter Dunn, Manchester, UK
  1534. Leila Black, Middlebury, VT
  1535. Dany Lindenbacher, Basel, Switzerland
  1536. Michael Howard, San Marcos, TX
  1537. Iria Pen, Autonomia, Madrid, Spain
  1538. Noreen McCarthy, Manchester, NH
  1539. Alberto Villarreal Palmero, Madrid, Spain
  1540. Ivano Iogna Prat, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  1541. Yvan Deslauriers, Belleville, Canada
  1542. Ben Albury, New York, NY
  1543. Bill Samuel, Board Member, Consistent Life Network,* Rockville, MD
  1544. Trevor Bradshaw, Rochester, NY
  1545. Riva Enteen, member, National Lawyers Guild,* S. Lake Tahoe, CA
  1546. Michael Heller, Media, PA
  1547. Jeremy Kuzmarov, Professor, University of Tulsa,* OK
  1548. Lori Walker, Veneta, OR
  1549. Betsy Kelleher, Sarasota, FL
  1550. Scott Seppi, Hilliard, OH
  1551. Ursula Mathern, Merxheim, Germany
  1552. Shokooh Behran, Prosser, WA
  1553. Muriel Kuri, Rock Falls, IL
  1554. Ron Unger, Veterans for Peace,* Dallas, TX
  1555. Plhyllis Beauvais, Savannah, GA
  1556. Michael Dugger, Beverly Hills, FL
  1557. Ann Tiffany, CNY Solidarity Coalition,* Syracuse, NY
  1558. James Pott, Palliser Downs,* Foxboro, Canada
  1559. Paula Heady, Lake Elsinore, CA
  1560. Mark Burton, Denver Peace Council, Denver, CO
  1561. Daana Banov, Sydney, Australia
  1562. Larry Miller, Defuniak Springs, FL
  1563. Stephen Johnson, San Diego, CA
  1564. Teddy Théodose, Paris, France
  1565. Kurt Brungardt, Riverside, CA
  1566. Bart Fraier, Vice President, The Future of Freedom Foundation,* Annapolis, MD
  1567. Michael O’Neil, Retired Senior Finance and Administration Officer, Asia, United Nations (ILO),* Bellevue, Switzerland
  1568. Lloyd Hinnes, Black Alliance for Peace,* Petersburg, VA
  1569. Sharon Horton, Panama City Beach , FL
  1570. Imre Zsidai, Hollywood, FL
  1571. Keith Augusto, Las Vegas, NV
  1572. Charles Paul, Hong Kong
  1573. Sherry Bonner, Silver Spring, MD
  1574. Kevin Martin, President, Peace Action,* Silver Spring, MD
  1575. Tony Corcoran, Melbourne, Australia
  1576. Michael Leire, Rotkreuz, Switzerland
  1577. Alex Werner, Everett, WA
  1578. John Hardesty, Boring, OR
  1579. Ronald Davis, Fremont, CA
  1580. Monique Salhab, National Board of Directors, Veterans For Peace,* Albuquerque, NM
  1581. Julia Hoppe, Secretary, Swiss Peace Movement,* Basel, Switzerland
  1582. Mike and Miriam Kurland, Williamsburg, MA
  1583. Bonnie Hong, Norwich, CT
  1584. Jaime Myers-Mcphail, New Haven, CT
  1585. James Newberry, Spencertown, NY
  1586. James Pott, Foxboro, Canada
  1587. Unsil deLange, Ardsley, NY
  1588. Anthony Masalonis, Executive Committee Member, Consistent Life Network,* Kingston, PA
  1589. Tony Totorica, Boise, ID
  1590. June Kelly, Independent Researcher – World Affairs, Mullingar, Ireland
  1591. Hilda Richey, Hillsboro, WI
  1592. Julia Smucker, Board Member, Consistent Life Network,* Portland, ME
  1593. Paul Engstrom, Veterans fo Peace,* Portland, OR
  1594. Alan Carter, Provo, UT
  1595. Dr. med. Helmut Käss, German IPPNW,* Braunschweig, Germany
  1596. Jonathan Rosenberg, Permaculture Teacher and Activist, Food not Bombs,* Hundested, Denmark
  1597. Animae Chi, New York, NY
  1598. David Councilman, Minneapolis, MN
  1599. Uriah Hammock, Blacklick, OH
  1600. Klef de Gregorio, Milan, VA
  1601. Viviane Baudry, Lascoux, France
  1602. Sharon Long, Fiddletown, CA
  1603. Carles Bonavida, Barcelona, Spain
  1604. Aliya Rab, West Windsor, NJ
  1605. Diane Bauer, Commerce Twp., MI
  1606. Charles Johnson, Chicago, IL
  1607. Mary Abramson, Yelm, WA
  1608. Jim Gerlach, Winston-Salem, NC
  1609. Camroeun Ham, Hamilton, Canada
  1610. Judith Beaver, Sequim, WA
  1611. Erik D. Hamilton, Breckenridge, CO
  1612. Roberto Onofrio, Lebanon, NH
  1613. Kevin Hatfield Georgia Green Party,* Lizella, GA
  1614. Rick Bishop, Madison, ME
  1615. Mason Stone, Concord, CA
  1616. Linda Thompson, Peace and Outreach Committees, Green Party of Connecticut,* Norwich, CT
  1617. Kari Tuseth, Molde, Norway
  1618. Doris M. Wernig, Dornbirn, Austria
  1619. Jan Kubiac, West Barnstable , MA
  1620. Shari Wagner, Tecumseh, MO
  1621. Cindy Farquhar, CPUSA,* League of Women Voters,* Timonium, MD
  1622. Coleen Rowley, Women Against Military Madness,* Veterans for Peace,* Apple Valley, MN
  1623. Dany Lindenbacher, Ridgefield, CT
  1624. Mary Wentworth, Kitterypoint, ME
  1625. Beverly Williams, Amnesty International,* Medford, OR
  1626. Brian Reynolds, Atlantic City, NJ
  1627. Beverly Williams, Medford, OR
  1628. Douglas Hawes, Plano, TX
  1629. Adrienne Fong, San Francisco , CA
  1630. Cathleen Ruth Deppe, Global Network,* Veterans for Peace,* WILPF,* Holy Faith Episcopal Church of Inglewood,* Green Party California,* Code Pink,* Inglewood, CA
  1631. Bo Svensson, Santa Rosa, CA
  1632. Muhannad Faza, Amman, Jordan
  1633. Peter Chana, Ruislip, UK
  1634. Lois Rose, Vail, AZ
  1635. Gwen Winter, Syrian Solidarity Coalition,* UNAC,* Oakland, CA
  1636. Charles Scheiner, White Plains, NY
  1637. David Scheidt, Durham, NC
  1638. Ann Wilcox, Lawyer, Washington, DC
  1639. Alan Batten, North Star Veterans For Peace (Chapter 146),* Fairbanks, AK
  1640. Ibrahilm Shiri, “Fedai,” Baku, Azerbayjan
  1641. Thomas Bias, National Secretary, Labor Fightback Network,* Flanders, NJ
  1642. Matthew Hoh, Senior Fellow, Center for International Policy,* Wake Forest, NC
  1643. Cindy Farquhar, CPUSA, Chair of Baltimore Club, CPUSA,* Timonium, MD
  1644. Ann Wright, Veterans For Peace,* Honolulu, HI
  1645. Keith Brooks, Brooklyn, NY
  1646. Roger Harris, Board member, Task Force on the Americas,* Corte Madera, CA
  1647. Emma Rose, New York, NY
  1648. Lloyd Hines, Delegate at Large, Veterans For Peace,* Petersburg, VA
  1649. Nick Mottern, Coordinator,,* Hastings on Hudson, NY
  1650. John Spitzberg, Veterans For Peace,* Willow, AK
  1651. Tony Jenkins, Education Coordinator, World Beyond War, Germantown, MD
  1652. Steven Norris, Lakewood, OH
  1653. John McMurray, Wildwood, FL
  1654. Karl Moore, Slidell, LA
  1655. Joseph Wasserman, West Hartford, CT
  1656. Alice Newberry, Community Engagement Grassroots Specialist, Greenpeace,* Washington, DC
  1657. Kaia Vereide, The Frontiers (Jeju),* Seogwipo, Korea
  1658. Mary Compton, Co-chair, Greater New Haven Peace Council, Hamden, CT
  1659. Michal Meaders, Fort Walton Beach , FL
  1660. Stephen Daly, Pollock Pines, CA
  1661. Rod West, Lexington, SC
  1662. Jack Trimper, Baltimore, MD
  1663. Stephanie Malady, Chester, VA
  1664. Rob Nichols, Bristol, UK
  1665. Albert Leger, Antiwar Cafe,* Berlin, Germany
  1666. Maria Chiara Starace, Peace & Justice — Rome,* Rome, Italy
  1667. Serge Arakeli, Doonside, Australia
  1668. Stephen Johnson, San Diego, CA
  1669. Daniel Feliu, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
  1670. Susan Coyle, Cambria, CA
  1671. Mike Graham, El Paso, TX
  1672. Sonja Andreas, Portland, OR
  1673. Maria Gardner, Maryport Cumbria, UK
  1674. Wiebe, Regina, Canada
  1675. Moara Crivelente, Director of Communication , Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples and Struggle for Peace (CEBRAPAZ)
  1676. John Millar, University Lecturer and Researcher, Aalto University,* Helsinki, Finalnd
  1677. Dolores Pino, Morton Grove, IL
  1678. Mouna Schaheen, Teacher, Tucson, AZ
  1679. Christl Meyer, Vienna, Austria
  1680. Sonja van den Ende, Altenau, Germany
  1681. Cynthia Farquhar, Lutherville-Timonium, MD
  1682. John Catalinotto, Managing Editor, Workers World newspaper,* New York, NY
  1683. Kyle Kajihiro, President, Hawai’i Peace and Justice, Honolulu, HI
  1684. Roger Barmann, Anacortes, WA
  1685. Ann Froines, Hamden, CT
  1686. John Galt, Dublin, Ireland
  1687. Dawn Reel, New York, NY
  1688. Clay Colt, Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resources,* Hampton, CT
  1689. Dr. Betty Cooper, Retired Professor, Jefferson City, MO
  1690. Kevin O’Keefe, Miami Gardens, FL
  1691. Mahfuzur Rahman, Lawyer, Bangladesh Bar Council,* Dhaka, Bangladesh
  1692. Patricia Anne Hughes, Copenhagen, Denmark
  1693. Zoltan Grossman, Professor of Geography ad Native Studies, The Evergreen State College,* Olympia, WA
  1694. Jimmy Brash, Editorial Board member, The North Star website,* Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
  1695. Jo Chouinard, Chilliwack, Canada
  1696. María Luisa Rosal, Orga, School of the Americas Watch, New Orleans, LA
  1697. Dianna Gilroy, West Lafayette, IN
  1698. Arn Kawano, Law Office of Arnold Kawano,* New York, NY
  1699. Lloyd Hines, VFP,* Petersburg, VA
  1700. James Skinner, Veterans for Peace — Chapter 72,* La Center, WA
  1701. Elizabeth Adams, Leverett, MA
  1702. Jane Feigenbaum, Jersey City, NJ
  1703. Sue Srour, Herndon, VA
  1704. Sarah McKee, Amherst, MA
  1705. Mary Lou Conca, Shutesbury, MA
  1706. John McMurray, Member & BDS supporter, Green Party,* Wildwood, FL
  1707. May Robinson, CPUSA,* Baltimore, MD
  1708. John Wilks, Life Member, Veterans For Peace,* Winston, NM
  1709. Donna Nassor, Hackensack, NJ
  1710. Dominic Jermano, Indianapolis, IN
  1711. Ginger Gordy, Sharon, Australia
  1712. Meaghan Simpson, Founder/Director, Mending Wheel,* Fortuna, CA
  1713. Ariel Paz, UIRAc,* Salt Lake City, UT
  1714. Anna Rebrii, Odessa Solidarity Campaign,* Astoria, NY
  1715. Shymal Raj, Hayward, CA
  1716. Betty Anguiano, Spring Lake, MI
  1717. Dr. Amir M. Maasoumi, Montreal, Canada
  1718. Kristina Wolff, VFP,* Hanover, NH
  1719. Ana Barbara von Keitz, Berlin, Germany
  1720. Priya Singh, New York, NY
  1721. David Yaffe, Baltimore, MD
  1722. Tom Violett, Chair, Monmouth County Green Party,* Freehold, NJ
  1723. Joseph Rogers, Office Manager, Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality,* Richmond, VA
  1724. Mekdes Amare, Regional Outreach, Black Alliance for Peace,* Brentwood, MD
  1725. Christine Lombardi, Author, I Ain’t Marching Anymore: Soldiers Who Dissent, From the French and Indian War to the Forever War,* Philadelphia, PA
  1726. Bahram Zandi, Co-Chair, International Committee, Green Party US,* Gaithersburg, MD
  1727. William Van Natta, Skipper of Golden Rule, Veterans for Peace Golden Rule Peace Boat,* Riviera Beach, FL
  1728. Diego BucciGross, Melegnano, MI
  1729. Kevin Richardson, Honesdale, PA
  1730. Stefania Tarabella, Gruppo Donne NoDalMolin,* Vicenza, Italy
  1731. Gerry Condon, Board of Directors, Veterans For Peace,* Vina, CA
  1732. Claudia McNulty, Climax, NY
  1733. Ken Heard, CPUSA, E. PA and DE,* Philadelphia, PA
  1734. Mavis G. Biekman, The Hague, The Netherlands
  1735. Germano Brandes, Baltimore, MD
  1736. Sue Srour, Herndon, VA
  1737. Mary Elieisar, Berkeley, CA
  1738. Taino Vazquez de Guamani, New York, NY
  1739. Lois Rose, Vail, AZ
  1740. John Brusen, Highlands Park New Plymouth, New Zealand
  1741. Anekant Wandres, Technician, University of Canterbury,* Christchurch, New Zealand
  1742. Cameron Hines, Ocean view, HI
  1743. Antonio Abate, Blogger – Social Media Activist, Comitato No Guerra No NATO—Italy,* Lecce, Italy
  1744. Joseph Kirchem, Chalmette, LA
  1745. Rosa-Shoshana Mintz-Urquhart, Silver Spring, MD
  1746. Robert Sorum, Grass Valley, CA
  1747. LeRoy Lowell, Associate Minister, Unity of Greater Portland,* Casco, ME
  1748. Brian Cady, Boston, MA
  1749. Ron Robinson, Oakland, OR
  1750. Raney Newman, Seattle, WA
  1751. Nana Paldi, Fairbanks, AK
  1752. Jutta von Sivers, Minersville, PA
  1753. Alma Williams, Summerville, SC
  1754. Joel Andreas, Human Rights Working Group, Johns Hopkins University,* Baltimore, MD
  1755. Miguel Levy, Chassell, MI
  1756. Juliana Barnet, Mt. Rainier, MD
  1757. Jennifer Shields, Lockport, NY
  1758. Julie Fischer, Decorah, IA
  1759. Michael Badar, Lafayette, CO
  1760. Juan Acosta, President, Dominican Union of Journalists for Peace (UDPP),* Moca, Dominican Republic
  1761. Jim Brasile, Veterans For Peace — Connecticut Chapter 42,* Newington, CT
  1762. Myriam Parada Avila, Director Ejecutivo, Escuela de Paz Colombia,* Bogota, Colombia
  1763. Pedro-Jesús Romero -Menendz, National Council Member, School Of The Americas Watch,* Immokalee, FL
  1764. Sandy Fessler, Palmyra, NY
  1765. Dana Green, Knoxville, TN
  1766. Jim Brasile, VFP,* Newington, CT
  1767. Fern Tishman, New York, NY
  1768. Diane Siegfried Perkins, Tulsa, OK
  1769. Dennis M. Goldstein, Denville, NJ
  1770. Andrea Bayer, London, UK
  1771. Maria Alegria, Co Vice President, Brandeis Peace Action,* Norwalk, CT
  1772. Israel Mansaray, Master’s student, Management and Policy, Rutgers School of Social Work,* Blackwood, NJ
  1773. Adele Roof, Charlottesville, VA
  1774. Alesha Vega, Bordentown, NJ
  1775. Jim Dorenkott, Veterans for Peace — Chapter 69,* San Francisco, CA
  1776. Dixie Searway, Waterville, VT
  1777. Megan, Society of the Holy Child Jesus,* Washington, DC
  1778. Kevin Coffey, Madison, NH
  1779. Alexander Jones, South Elgin, IL
  1780. Regina Huff, Hollywood, MD
  1781. Dan Yaseen, Vice President-Membership, Peace Fresno,* Fresno, CA
  1782. Janet Weil, Palm Springs, CA
  1783. Kenneth Weeks, New Braintree, MA
  1784. Rebecca Schmoyer, Valatie, NY
  1785. Janet Walsek, Maryland Green Party,* Baltimore, MD
  1786. Joan Lang, Congregation of St. Joseph,* Cleveland, OH
  1787. Susan Keane, Birmingham, UK
  1788. Zachary Kopp, Denver, CO
  1789. Linda Ahart, Boston, MA
  1790. L.D. Hieber Jr., Chelsea, MI
  1791. Merrill Cole, Professor, Western Illinois University,* Macomb, IL
  1792. Cameron Kelley, Bradenton, FL
  1793. Caryn Cowin, Palm Desert, CA
  1794. Kim Scipes, Associate Professor of Sociology, Purdue University Northwest,* Westville, IN
  1795. Alice Evans, Waitsfield, VT
  1796. Larry Maxwell, Montross, VA
  1797. Martha W. D. Bushnell, Louisville, CO
  1798. Brent Rocks, Portland, OR
  1799. Richard Knittel, Versailles, KY
  1800. Denise Romesburg, Phoenix, AZ
  1801. Rebecca Tippens, FCCPR,* Colrain, MA
  1802. Anne Scheetz, Chicago, IL
  1803. Dolores Williams, Fort Collins, CO
  1804. Julie Grote, Sisters of St. Francis,* Tiffin, OH
  1805. Jean Braun, South Euclid, OH
  1806. Peter Warner, Sebastopol, CA
  1807. Eugene Martin, Scarsdale, NY
  1808. Allen Lomax, Sylva, NC
  1809. Dana Allen, Corvallis, OR
  1810. Matt Gordon, Stony Point, NY
  1811. Randal Marlin, Ottawa, Canada
  1812. Mike Hammer, Houston, TX
  1813. P. Brooks McGinnis, Portland, OR
  1814. Ernest Goitein, Co-director, People for Land ad Nature – PLAN,* Atherton, CA
  1815. Maryann LaNew, San Clemente, CA
  1816. Kristin Norderval, New York, NY
  1817. Wendy Fast, Dansville, NY
  1818. Victoria Brill, San Francisco, CA
  1819. John Reitter, Glassboro, NJ
  1820. Amy Harlib, New York, NY
  1821. Dhyan Saahas, Freeville, NY
  1822. Dan Kelley, Hilo, HI
  1823. Lynn Shoemaker, Whitewater, WI
  1824. Jonathan Boyne, Honolulu, HI
  1825. Theresa Brands, Colorado Springs, CO
  1826. Joan McCall, Los Angeles, CA
  1827. Claudia Chaufan, Associate Profesor, York University,* Toronto, Canada
  1828. Herb Kline, Riverside, RI
  1829. Judy Plank, Remsen, IA
  1830. Kathryn Christian, Grand Junction, CO
  1831. Alan Auckenthaler, Minneapolis, MN
  1832. Nancy Woolley, Stoughton, MA
  1833. Adrienne Fong, San Francisco , CA
  1834. Corrine Cole, Markleeville, CA
  1835. Bill McAfee, Austin, TX
  1836. Christy Anderson, Spokane, WA
  1837. Sommer Gentry, Baltimore, MD
  1838. Adam Nation, Peaceniks R Us,* West Windsor Twp., NJ
  1839. Michael Lampi, Bellevue, WA
  1840. Ed Bennett, Vancouver, WA
  1841. Bill Sorem, Minnetonka, MN
  1842. Jon Angelo, Oviedo, FL
  1843. Matt Shaw, Tucson, AZ
  1844. Michael Lusher, Bothwell, Australia
  1845. Charles Clements, Las Cruces, NM
  1846. Sophia von Wrangell, Pacifica, CA
  1847. Bob Beal, Fort Stockton, TX
  1848. Tina Ann, Bolinas, CA
  1849. John Hazard, Minneapolis, MN
  1850. Richard Clemens, Victoria, Canada
  1851. Rhoda Giman, Green Party of Minnesota,* St. Paul, MN
  1852. Adrienne Hudson, Fort White, FL
  1853. Jim Becklund, Dewitt, MI
  1854. Doug Robertson, Socaolist Aotearoa,* Paihia, New Zealand
  1855. Carl Buchanan, Bristol, TN
  1856. John R. Thayer, Buena Vista, NM
  1857. Bernard Fromstein, Toronto, Canada
  1858. Kelly Allison, Berlin, MD
  1859. Jan Ellis, Port Orchard, WA
  1860. James M. Wallrabenstein, Spokane, WA
  1861. Paul Edwards, Helena, MT
  1862. Helen Dickey, El Cerrito, CA
  1863. Bob Gorringe, SF Occupy Movement,* San Francisco, CA
  1864. Viola Stephan, Santa Barbara, CA
  1865. Thomas Warren, New Bern, NC
  1866. Marion Kim, East Canton, OH
  1867. Wayne Daniel, Glendale, AZ
  1868. Ellen Kaplan-Maxfield, Boston, MA
  1869. Kelly Hart, Kapaau, HI
  1870. Dan Dowdall, Iahaina, HI
  1871. Anne Green, Sandy Spring, MD
  1872. David Zarembka, Kipkarren River, Kenya
  1873. Thomas Tizard, Kailua, HI
  1874. Michael Keleher, Glendale, AZ
  1875. Amy Harlib, New York, NY
  1876. Michael Berndt, Indiana University,* Bloomington, IN
  1877. Henry Homburger, Rochester, MN
  1878. Diane Cardin, St. Petersburg, FL
  1879. Charles McGarry, Washington, DC
  1880. Beverly Williams, retired teacher, Medford, OR
  1881. MIchael Falk, Oakland Gardens, NY
  1882. James Squire, Seattle, WA
  1883. Marilyn Stratton-Zimmer, R.R. 1 Woodlawn, Canada
  1884. jl Angell, Rescue, CA
  1885. Steve Gilmartin, Berkeley, CA
  1886. Mary Ellen, Marino, State Chair, Progressive Democrats of America,* Princeton, NJ
  1887. Mark Mansfield, Geneva, NY
  1888. Otha Wade, Lincoln, NE
  1889. William Johnson, Wytheville, VA
  1890. Rep. Seth Armstrong (retired), Seattle, WA
  1891. Michael Beeler, Garden Grove, CA
  1892. Kenneth Ruby, Salem, NH
  1893. Susan Tribby, Lincoln, NE
  1894. Susan Detato, Brownington, VT
  1895. BrendaLee Lennick, Veterans For Peace,* Tallahassee, FL
  1896. Yolanda Stern Broad, PhD, Indiana, PA
  1897. Eric Ortiz, Managing Editor, Truthdig,* Santa Monicsa, CA
  1898. Joyce Niksic, Hammond, IN
  1899. J. Kristin Hedges, Washington, DC
  1900. Nicole Reiner, Astoria, NY
  1901. Jeffrey White, Forest Grove, OR
  1902. Rikka Wallin, Lexington, KY
  1903. Barbara Commins, San Francisco, CA
  1904. Christina Campbell, Bridgewater, CT
  1905. Dr. Marilyn Daniels, Belleville, MI
  1906. Judie Hoeppner, Lihue, HI
  1907. Raymond Gordon, Venice, FL
  1908. Keith Sabella, Newington, NH
  1909. Rob Roemer, Fairport, NY
  1910. Phillip Martello, Vancouver, WA
  1911. Marian Gamble, Sleepy Hollow, IL
  1912. Robert Liptak, Fairfield, LA
  1913. John Gilbert, Desoto, MO
  1914. Kenneth Crosby, Livingston, TX
  1915. Daniel Boyle, Vancouver, WA
  1916. Alfred Molison, Green Party, Houston, TX
  1917. Nicholas Cahalane, Brave Cavemen,* Somerville, MA
  1918. Jim Flechtner, Findlay, OH
  1919. Laura Wilder, Garland, TX
  1920. James Jeffries, Phoenix, AZ
  1921. Marie Louise Morandi Long Zwicker, Sullivan, ME
  1922. Reynaldo Hernandez, South Bend, IN
  1923. Michael Norwood, Marietta, GA
  1924. David Crump, Lakeside, MT
  1925. Manfred Paulun, Ottawa, Canada
  1926. Daniel Clifton, Charlotte, NC
  1927. Alan Barbier, Chichester, NY
  1928. Robert Schilare, Garwood, NJ
  1929. Ricci Garcia, Long Beach, CA
  1930. Michael Freeman, Editor,,* El Cerrito, CA
  1931. Vince Coyle, Henderson, NV
  1932. Jose Muniz, San Francisco , CA
  1933. David George, Professor Emeritus of Economics, La Salle University,* Philadelphia, PA
  1934. Mary Gourdoux, Border Peace Presence,* El Paso, TX
  1935. Janine Theodore, Santa Cruz, CA
  1936. Suzanne Klaessig, Lansing, NY
  1937. Edward Leight, Bay Shore, NY
  1938. Kazuye Suyematsu, Berkeley, CA
  1939. Tim McMaster, Austin, TX
  1940. Emil Kilpatrick, Bella Vista, AR
  1941. Jay Wells, Seattle, WA
  1942. E J Wilkins, Alliance, NE
  1943. Lyle Larson, Beaverton, OR
  1944. John Benoit, South Burlington, VT
  1945. Philip Harding, Chesterfield, MO
  1946. Ivan Kiss, Toronto, Canada
  1947. Lee Meier, Fairview, OR
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  1950. Raymond Jergeson, Great Falls, MT
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  1953. Mansor Shah, Charleston, SC
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  1955. Rick Brown, Taos, NM
  1956. Robert Gagne, Chilliwack, Canada
  1957. Steven Olson, Warren, OR
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  1962. Michael Bock, Colima, Mexico
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  1964. Eric Anderson, Manaus, Brazil
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  1973. John Chapdelaine, Stafford, CT
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  1976. Dr. Denis Donnelly, Saratoga Springs, NY
  1977. Bob Manizza, Sebastian, FL
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  1994. Mary Jo Poole, Our Revolution North County San Diego,* Vista, CA
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  2006. Al Leger, Coop Anti-War Café,* Berlin, Germany
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  2024. Darrion Smith, BWFJ/UE Local150 North Carolina Public Service Workers Union,* Durham, NC
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  2057. Kymberly Smith, Communist Party USA,* Columbia, SC
  2058. Moreno Ivan, San Bernardino, CA
  2059. Nick Deane, Committee Member of both Marrickville Peace Group and Independent;* and Peaceful Australia Network,* Sydney, Australia
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  2061. Brian Hunt, Kamloops, Canada
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  2063. Francene Keery, Lambare, Paraguay
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  2088. Madge Penelope Morgan, Detroit, MI
  2089. John Trott, Big Bear City, CA
  2090. Patrick McCann, Past national president, current national board of directors, Veterans For Peace,* Royal Palm Beach, FL
  2091. Dorothy Hoobler Free lance writer, New York, NY
  2092. Glenn Kirk, Boston, VA
  2093. Michael Egan, Petersburg, IL
  2094. James Engle, Whitney, TX
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  2106. Louis, Sacramento, CA
  2107. Nathan Jay, Adjunct Instructor, Washington State University,* Pullman, WA
  2108. Nuri Ronaghy, US Department of Peace,* Ojai, CA
  2109. Francisco Cravioto Lagos, La Asamblea Veracruzana de Iniciativas y Defensa Ambiental,* Coatepec, Mexico
  2110. Nancy Kolze, Livingston, MT
  2111. Eddie Krall, Los Angeles, CA
  2112. Joseph Strickland, Rosedale, NY
  2113. William Beyer, St. Louis Park, MN
  2114. Josh Diamond, Lacey, WA
  2115. Elizabeth Atly, 350 Seattle,* Seattle, WA
  2116. John Gilbert, Desoto, MO
  2117. Kathryn Christian, Grand Junction, CO
  2118. Russell Hawthorne, Glastonbury, CT
  2119. John Faust, Huachuca City, AZ
  2120. Guillermo Silveira, Rehoboth Beach, DE
  2121. Sandy Lee, Aauw,* Kurtistown, HI
  2122. Louie Lurati, San Francisco, CA
  2123. Kevin Bracken, Melbourne, Australia
  2124. Asha Stout, Ranchos de Taos, NM
  2125. Gail Berardesca, Branford, CT
  2126. Dr. Daniel Molnar. Retired Boeing engineer,* Redmond, WA
  2127. Keith Stanistreet, Odessa, Canada
  2128. Leon Anderson, Grass Valley, CA
  2129. Lida Stevenson, Corvallis, OR
  2130. William Potvin, Willimantic, CY
  2131. Phil Nichols, Groveland, CA
  2132. Sharon Thornagle, Dallas, OR
  2133. Pam Ryan, Hyde, UK
  2134. Charles Britz, Huntington, WV
  2135. Michael Squarrel, San Diego, CA
  2136. S. Hendra, Duncan, Canada
  2137. Rik Masterson, Nevada City, CA
  2138. Emerson Addison, Northville, MI
  2139. Lawrence Cwik, Portland, OR
  2140. Joel Barlow, Flagstaff, AZ
  2141. Eric Hauser, Associate Professor, University of Electro-Communications,* Tokyo, Japan
  2142. Dorothy Anderson, North Weymouth, MA
  2143. Elaine Hartley, Columbia, MO
  2144. Jamie Townsend, Raleigh, NC
  2145. Charles Goldberg, Wheeling, IL
  2146. Robert Keith, Brooklyn, NY
  2147. Ethan Crowell, Mobile, AL
  2148. Peter Curia, Scottsdale, AZ
  2149. John Malley, Youngstown, OH
  2150. Chris Jones, Santa Fe, NM
  2151. Joe Wallace, Seattle, WA
  2152. Zerach Patterson, Ashland, OR
  2153. Tammy Malik, Racine, WI
  2154. Helga Rodriguez, Upland, CA
  2155. Bethany Spielman, Chatham, IL
  2156. Susan Carey, Whitestone, NY
  2157. Frank Scott, Oakdale, CA
  2158. Sophia Rahman, Bolton, UK
  2159. Sam Hill, Wellington, New Zealand
  2160. Barbara Gerten, South St. Paul, MN
  2161. Betsie Weil, Chicago, IL
  2162. Tare Webster, Omak, WA
  2163. Lucio Sibilia, Former Professor, Sapienza University of Rome,* Italy
  2164. Ron Magoc, Natrona Heights, PA
  2165. BodhiJi Schiavone, Lahaina, HI
  2166. Faitb Sadley, Thunderbolt, GA
  2167. Lois Jordan, Tucson, AZ
  2168. Phil Johnson, Boulder Creek, CA
  2169. Linda Robbins, Cambridge , MD
  2170. Willow Brown, Park City, MT
  2171. Dorothy Brooks, Arlington, TX
  2172. Leslie Haggard, Population Connection,* Portland, OR
  2173. Shaun Scovil, Beverly, MA
  2174. Genevieve Ameduri, DSA-Pomona Valley,* Covina, CA
  2175. Kevin Gallagher, Lake Forest Park, WA
  2176. Emmy Hammond, Democratic Socialists of America,* Brooklyn, NY
  2177. Didier Strijdonk, Asheville, NC
  2178. Sunwyn Ravenwood, Honolulu, HI
  2179. Millicent Sims, Montclair, NJ
  2180. Jean Lowe, Warrenton, VA
  2181. Nancy Sopher, Stanardsville, VA
  2182. Rebecca Brackman, Mill Valley, CA
  2183. Paul McArthur, Physicians for Global Survival,* Walkerton, Canada
  2184. Eugenia Redding, Espanola, NM
  2185. Teresa Smith, Woodland Hills, CA
  2186. Kellen Gold, Rise and Resist,* New York, NY
  2187. Alma Busby-Williams, Summerville, SC
  2188. Hildy Feen, Madison, WI
  2189. Kris Montague, Los Altos, CA
  2190. Eric Duggan, West Sacramento, CA
  2191. William Schurdevin, Sioux City, IA
  2192. John Kraemer, Chippewa Falls, WI
  2193. David Kirby, London, UK
  2194. Sharon Crawford, Asheville, NC
  2195. Marie Rublee, Harrisonburg, VA
  2196. Andrew Shurney, Cornelius, NC
  2197. Thomas Scott, Merriam, KS
  2198. Michael Smith, Cohost, Law and Disorder radio,* Brooklyn, NY
  2199. Rachel Robson, Berkeley, CA
  2200. Dawn Pellerin, Torrance, CA
  2201. Jim Cocke, Clarendon, TX
  2202. Cameron Orr, Communist Party USA;* US Peace Council,* Brooklyn, NY
  2203. Evelyn Pinkerton, Professor, Simon Fraser University,* Vancouver, Canada
  2204. Antonia Mills, Charlottesville, VA
  2205. Josie Lenwell, Code pink, Taos, NM
  2206. Rod West, Lexington, SC
  2207. Anna Ouchchy, North Garden, VA
  2208. Patricia Finley, Denver, CO
  2209. Stoney Bird, Bellingham, WA
  2210. Betsie Weil, Chicago, IL
  2211. Yasuharu Tokuda, Nakagusuku, Okinawa
  2212. Kathy Lipscomb, Ex. Board, Senior and Disability Action,*San Francisco, CA
  2213. Ardeth Platte, O.P., Washington, DC
  2214. Michael Bentley, Member of the Board, Plowshare Peace and Justice Center,* Salem, VA
  2215. Robert Cox, Mckinleyville, CA
  2216. Edward Terrell, Norlane, Australia
  2217. John Padovan, Honolulu, HI
  2218. Anne Butt, Toronto, Canada
  2219. Roy Trickey, Kenabeek, Canada
  2220. Jessica Mills, Chillicothe, OH
  2221. Maria Rosmini, Reno, NV
  2222. Jeffrey Knox, APO, AE 09180
  2223. Ross Chatwin, Gold Coast, Australia
  2224. Petr Dann, Sun Prairie, WI
  2225. Gordon Brigsley, Knysna, South Africa
  2226. Tony Bestwick, Emeritus Professor, Earth Sciences Dept., Laurentian University,* Sudbury, Canada
  2227. John Pearcey, Wicklow, Ireland
  2228. Thomas Edwards, Gainesville, FL
  2229. Dorothea Paiva, Prairie Village, KS
  2230. Daniel Kristof, East Lindfield, Australia
  2231. Bradley Kloeckl, Homer, AK
  2232. Josephine Emmanuel, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
  2233. Joe Decesare, Gtanklin, TN
  2234. Robert Mc Laughlin, New York, NY
  2235. Satoko Norimatsu, Editor, Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus,* Vancouver, Canada
  2236. John McDermott, New York, NY
  2237. James Feltus, Greeneville, TN
  2238. Uwe Jetter, Halle/Saale, Germany
  2239. Vrbina Bartulovic, Grenoble, France
  2240. Paul Engstrom, SEIU,* Portland, OR
  2241. Jim Williams, Danielson, CT
  2242. John Webster, Lexington, KY
  2243. Harry Ungar, Aptos, CA
  2244. Gene Guerrero, Takoma Park, MD
  2245. Robert Fearn, Redstone, Canada
  2246. Miles Thomas, Veterans For Peace,* Overland Park, KS
  2247. Doris Wernig, Dornbirn, Austria
  2248. Phyllis Beauvais, Savannah, GA
  2249. Teresa Smithfield, VA
  2250. Camroeun Ham, Hamilton, Canada
  2251. Eric Johansson, Member, Chapter 69, Veterans for Peace,* San Francisco, CA
  2252. Meryl Nass, Ellsworth, ME
  2253. Carolyn and Richard Rosenstein, Los Angeles, CA
  2254. Michael Meyer, Garberville, GA
  2255. Carmen Potthoff, Sigmarszell, Germany
  2256. William Slavick, retired coordinator, Pax Christi Maine,* Portland, ME
  2257. Tommy Griffin, President, Savannah Chapter 170, Veterans For Peace,* Midway, GA
  2258. Wil van Natta, Riviera Beach, FL
  2259. Stephanie Lenn, Miami, FL
  2260. Ours Ondine-Hohmann, Neuffen, Germany
  2261. Phyllis Coelho, Waldo Indivisible,* Belfast, ME
  2262. Paul Whittaker, Gilmour, Canada
  2263. Chuck Puckett, Owensboro, KY
  2264. Adam Nation, Windsor, NJ
  2265. Daniel Shea, Board of Directors, Veterans For Peace,* Portland, OR
  2266. Mark Downey, Everett, WA
  2267. Denis Rancourt, Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association,* Ottawa, Canada
  2268. Paul Palla, Electronics Engineer, US Army,* Greencastle, PA
  2269. Jelica Roland, Buzet, Croatia
  2270. Bret Polish, Los Angeles, CA
  2271. Mitsuko Marume, Atami, Japan
  2272. Joan Dowling, Shaker Hts., OH
  2273. Amir M. Maasoumi, Montreal, Canada
  2274. Luz Catarineau, New Haven, CT
  2275. Vivian Weinstein, Denver, CO
  2276. Lyle Courtsal, Port Townsend, WA
  2277. Leopoldo Salmaso, Editor, Italian team, Pressenza IPA,* Padova, Italy
  2278. Sergio Collucci, Campinas, Brazil
  2279. Jennifer Kenny, Cocoa, FL
  2280. Yoshito Tsuha, The Open University of Japan,* Katano, Japan
  2281. Hiroko Sato, Yokohama, Japan
  2282. Kiaori Sawatari, Mitaka, Japan
  2283. Stephen Sinsley, VFP* and VVAW,* State College, PA
  2284. Maria Rua, Paterson, NJ
  2285. Barbara Storace, Brooklyn, NY
  2286. Jaime Myers-McPhail, New Haven, CT
  2287. Ayumi Temlock, New Jersey Peace Action,* Bloomfield, NJ
  2288. Yoko Nakano, President, Mitsui Publishing,* Asahikawa, Japan
  2289. Bruce Chapman, Bountiful, UT
  2290. Saaya Araki, Bando City, Japan
  2291. Kazuhisa Arakawa, Buchs SG, Switzerland
  2292. Micah Phillips, Socialist Party USA,* Avalon, CA
  2293. Andrew Costigan, Norwood, MA
  2294. James Pandaru, Greater New Haven Peace Council;* Veterans for Peace,* West Haven, CT
  2295. Charles (freewil) Philp, New York, NY
  2296. Kizou Takagaki, SDCC,* Motobu City, Japan
  2297. Naomi Sasaki, Motobu, Japan
  2298. Stephane Cusson, Quebec, Canada
  2299. Scott Abbott, La Quinta, CA
  2300. Mark Marshall, Toronto, Canada
  2301. Paul Miller, Cupertino, CA
  2302. Mike Beilstein, Corvallis, Or
  2303. Gina Funaro, Cupertino, CA
  2304. Marco Lazzeri, Presidente, Associazione Vivere l’Etica,* Firenze, Italy
  2305. Isabel Villena Toledo, Manresa, Spain
  2306. Brian Hunt, Kamloops, Canada
  2307. Mark Subler, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University,* Midlothian, VA
  2308. Tracey Ferguson, Winnipeg, Canada
  2309. Maria Gardner, Maryport Cumbria, UK
  2310. Norman Trabulsy, Mangrove Cay, The Bahamas
  2311. Paul Engstrom, Attender, Hillsdale Quakers,* Portland, OR
  2312. David Murchie, Professor Emeritus, Tohoku Gakuin University,* Sendai, Japan
  2313. Kamei Tomoyo, Osaka, Japan
  2314. Carmen Potthoff, Sigmarszell, Germany
  2315. Ahmad Gharanfoli, Lutherville, MD
  2316. Lionel Heredia, Producer, Freedom Media,* Marina Del Rey, CA
  2317. Jeffrey Phillips, Warner Robins, CA
  2318. Andy Irwin, Hull, UK
  2319. Jason Kamalie, No Nukes Action Committee,* Mogadore, OH
  2320. Nathan Hetrick, Lakewood, OH
  2321. Gottfried Sututz, Saarbrucken, Germany
  2322. Shizuko Nagashima, Okinawa Peace Appeal,* Dix Hills, NY
  2323. Yuu Ikema, Nago, Japan
  2324. Ola Hills-Wight, Belfast, ME
  2325. Carl Buchanan, Bristol, TN
  2326. A. Shouse, Ithaca, NY
  2327. Tammy Malik, Mt. Pleasant, WI
  2328. Jeffrey Shurtleff, Occupy San Francisco/ StrikeDebt Bay Area,* San Bruno, CA
  2329. Mike Huebner, Marietta, GA
  2330. Ron Bloom, Henrico, VA
  2331. Joan Lawson, Seattle, WA
  2332. Mike Hammer, Houston, TX
  2333. Larry Highlen, Kokomo, IN
  2334. Julie Grote, a professed Sister, St. Francis Convent,* Tiffin, OH
  2335. Douglas Newman, Winnipeg, Canada
  2336. Greg Nyman, Smithfield, UT
  2337. Doug Robertson, Socialist Aotiaroa,* Paihia, New Zealand
  2338. Ahmad Gharanfoli, Lutherville, MD
  2339. Phillip Sawicki, College Park, MA
  2340. Louise Legun, Blandon, PA
  2341. Kris Montague, Los Altos, Ca
  2342. Susan Keane, Birmingham, UK
  2343. Carmen Potthoff, Sigmarszell, Germany
  2344. Ron Robinson, Oakland, OR
  2345. Carl Nigro, Joliet, IL
  2346. Masaharu Osaki, Watching Dugong in Okinawa,* Ogawa-machi, Japan
  2347. Joe Weis, Reedley, CA
  2348. Chris Butters, Chair, Communist Party, Brooklyn Club,* Brooklyn, NY
  2349. Bunny Daubner, Bristol, VT
  2350. John Donaldson, Geoscientist, Ottawa, Canada
  2351. Debra DeLong, Wausau, WI
  2352. Lewis Patrie, Asheville, NC
  2353. Nicole Pruitt, Boise, ID
  2354. Cliff Collins, Vernon, Canada
  2355. Bill McKiggan, Halifax Canada
  2356. Takako Kasuya, Chairperson, Shizuoka Mothers Coalition,* Shimada, Japan
  2357. Emma Rose, New York, NY
  2358. Gundolf Hambrock, Frankfurt Main, Germany
  2359. Regina Stöber-Yurdakul, Frankfurt Main, Germany
  2360. Gayle McIntyre, Mississauga, Canada
  2361. Stan Squires, Vancouver, Canada
  2362. Robert Welch, Austin, TX
  2363. Anders Jernberg, Hemse, Sweden
  2364. Mark Foreman, National Board Member, Veterans For Peace,* Milwaukee, WI
  2365. Kjell Bygden, Johanneshov, Sweden
  2366. Betty Lynne Wolfson, New England Peace Pagoda,* Florence, MA
  2367. Yvon A., Moreault, Dégelis, Canada
  2368. Jean Mont-Eton, San Francisco, CA
  2369. Stephen Allen, Austinmer, Australia
  2370. Milka Ceranic, Toronto, Canada
  2371. Lody Daniels, Maastricht, Netherlands
  2372. John Ferriter, Dingle, Ireland
  2373. Jacob Gerdes, Homewood, IL
  2374. Eric Kamov, Bryne, Norway
  2375. Martha Morrison, Marrickville Peace Group,* Bardwell Valley, Australia
  2376. Jane Taylor Dorchester People for Peace,* Dorchester, MA
  2377. Gary Bennett, Bellingham, WA
  2378. Judy Kinsman, Florence, OR
  2379. Michele Gloor, San Francisco, CA
  2380. Alba Greco, New York, NY
  2381. Martha Hubert, CODEPINK,* San Francisco, CA
  2382. Beverly Janowitz-Price, Phoenix, AZ
  2383. Barbara Sullivan, Arlington Heights, IL
  2384. Ronals Brown, Longmont, CO
  2385. Beth Kelley Zorbanos, Danielsville, GA
  2386. Richard Cate, Veterans For Peace,* Winter Harbor, ME
  2387. Jo-Ann Golden, Lake Worth, FL
  2388. Mark Feldman, Santa Rosa, CA
  2389. Kathy Tolman, HD 24 Chair, Jefferson County Dems,* Wheat Ridge, CO
  2390. Birgit Hermann, San Francisco, CA
  2391. Javier Rivera, Brooklyn, NY
  2392. Lacy Grantham, Oklahoma City, OK
  2393. Brenda Barbour, Longmont, CO
  2394. Susan Nagel, Rhinebeck, NY
  2395. Lee Loe, Houston, TX
  2396. Sharon Fortunak, St. Paul, MN
  2397. Sherrill Futrell, DAvis, CA
  2398. Janie Audrey Lajoie, Montreal, Canada
  2399. Eric Banks, Ukiah, CA
  2400. Marlena Santoyo, Philadelphia, PA
  2401. Tom Martinez, Minister, Desert Palm Church,* Tempe, AZ
  2402. Martha Ann Kirk, San Antonio, TX
  2403. Doug Wingeier, Asheville, NC
  2404. Alina Dollat, Frontline Defenders,* Gouvieux, France
  2405. Carol Schaeffler, New York, NY
  2406. E. Bruce Hitchko, Eureka, CA
  2407. Fern Tishman, New York, NY
  2408. William Bartee, Green Party of Alaska/Veterans for Peace,* Anchorage, AK
  2409. Jane Crowley, Soquel, CA
  2410. Vince Snowberger, Louisville, CO
  2411. Monica McAghon, LEPOCO Peace Center, Bethlehem,* Easton, PA
  2412. Roberto Onofrio, Lebanon, NH
  2413. Polly O’Malley, Los Angeles, CA
  2414. Eleanor Batchelder, Jackson Heights, NY
  2415. Will Freshour, Cleveland, OH
  2416. Erin Yarrobino, Ozone park, NY
  2417. Mark Wirth, Seattle, WA
  2418. Beau Gunderson, Seattle, WA
  2419. Tomoko Niina, Nerima, Japan
  2420. Louise Goldstein, Arlington, MA
  2421. Susan Kean, Birmingham, UK
  2422. Julie Grote, Tiffin, OH
  2423. Nathan Hoffert, Richmond, VA
  2424. Tom Violett, Chair, Green Party of Monmouth County NJ, Freehold, NJ
  2425. Alan Macdonald, Professor Emeritus, Luther College,* Decorah, IA
  2426. Phyllis Coelho, Belfast, ME
  2427. Kjell Bygden, Johanneshov, Sweden
  2428. Noreen McCarthy, Manchester, NH
  2429. Mary Lucchese, Atlanta JVP,* Rome. GA
  2430. Kristin Hanson, Berkeley, CA
  2431. Jan-Paul Alon, Cherry Hill, NJ
  2432. Lyn Hovey, Riddells Creek, Australia
  2433. Eileen Whitehead, Perth, Australia
  2434. Mollye Bendell, UMBC,* Baltimore, MD
  2435. Barbara Harris, Anti-Military Committee, Granny Peace Brigade,* New York, NY
  2436. Michael McClain, Penn Valley, CA
  2437. Marina Bouillon, Tiffin, OH
  2438. Alex Berukoff, Oxnard, CA
  2439. Jason Charney, Baltimore, MD
  2440. Lisa Moren, Baltimore, MD
  2441. Maria Rua, Paterson, NJ
  2442. Victor Delgado Jr, El Paso, TX
  2443. Mark M. Giese, Mount Pleasant, WI
  2444. Mike Kostich, Milwaukee, WI
  2445. Lluisa Baques, Gifu, Japan
  2446. Marie Berry, London, UK
  2447. Kara Griffith, Preston, UK
  2448. Hugo Navarro, Projects Manager, solarnova Deutschland GmbH,* Wedel, Germany
  2449. Pelenatita Namoa, Honolulu, HI
  2450. Noreen Mccarthy, Manchester, NH
  2451. Lewis Patrie, Asheville, NC
  2452. Joan Lang, Congregation of St. Joseph,* Cleveland, OH
  2453. Julia Dalton, New York, NY
  2454. Thomas Tizard, Kailua, HI
  2455. Bruce Parsons, Dacula, GA
  2456. Stephen, San Francisco, CA
  2457. Timothy Henwood, Portland, OR
  2458. Linda Lambertson, Raleigh, NC
  2459. William Fusfield, Professor Emeritus, U. of Pittsburgh,* Pittsburgh, PA
  2460. Bill Vogt, Veterans for Peace,* Denton, TX
  2461. Debra Di Piazza, Vancouver, WA
  2462. John Gomolka, Brunswick, OH
  2463. Leslie Johnson, St. Petersburg, FL
  2464. Jim Bracken, East Aurora, NY
  2465. Jim, Bracken, East Aurora, NY
  2466. Wayne, Coste, Newsletter Editor, 9/11 Truth Action Project (9/11 TAP),* Tariffville, CT
  2467. Colleen, McGuire, New York, NY
  2468. Nii, Kwashi, CEO, Blakk Authority, Accra,* Ghana
  2469. Christina, Hatch, Ewing, NJ,
  2470. Chidi, Chidi-Umeh, Icking , , Germany
  2471. John M., Morgan, Board Member, Ohio Valley Peace,* Beallsville, OH
  2472. Marshall, Tuttl, Troutdale, OR
  2473. Oscar, Maya, Fayetteville, AR
  2474. Blaizen, Bloom, Chesapeake, VA
  2475. Edward, Fisher, Board Member, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace,* Pasadena, CA
  2476. Mike, Huebner, Marietta, GA
  2477. Simon, Wood, Emerald Beach, Australia
  2478. Akihiko , Hirao, New York, NY
  2479. Lee, Chirtel, Springfield, VA
  2480. John M, Morgan, Board Member, Ohio Valley Peace,* Beallsville, OH
  2481. Helen, Dickey, none, none, El Cerrito, CA
  2482. Lopamudra, Mohanty, Student, St. Peters, MO
  2483. Ingo, Adam, Rättvik, , Sweden
  2484. Jonathan, Boyne, Honolulu, HI
  2485. Kelli, Lee, Seattle, WA
  2486. Susan , Rieder, Smyrna, TN
  2487. Robert, Hanson, Treasurer, Democratic World Federalists,* Walnut Creek, CA
  2488. Marilyn , Potter, Portland, OR
  2489. Brianna, Lee, Seattle, WA
  2490. Tina, Krauz, Squad Leader, TakeActionMN,* Grand Marais, MN


* For identification purposes only.

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