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  1. Time to stop the intimidation of every other sovereign country on the planet. Close every foreign base and stay on our own soil.

  2. Le basi militari americane in Italia rappresentano un enorme pericolo per la presenza di testate nucleari e anche un’enorme spesa per il nostro paese che dovrebbe usare quel denaro per risolvere i tanti problemi che non riesce ad affrontare (lavoro, ambiente, disoccupazione giovanile)

  3. This effort to close overseas military bases of the USA seems to me to be a good way to take action against excessive militarism and work toward world peace.

  4. I’ve signed twice yet not appeared. I am very keen to add my name as a Co-Founder and Coordinator (1992 – 2016 but still very much involved with aim of sending US visiting Forces out of UK and world wide.

  5. The establishment & maintenance of an oligarchial empire is antithetical to the foundational principles of the United States and contary to all efforts for global peace.

  6. Yesterday our electrical transformer blew up, the second in a month leaving US with no power. We support occupation at the expense of our own countries needs. At our own citizen’s lives, and at the abuse of people globally. The empire cannot stand on shaky ground, neither any empire has succeeded without a great fall. It is possible to join the world, this is the only way to accomplish peace and principles relating to man’s survival and evolution, securing a future for our children.

  7. I have been superficially free,but substantially a political criminal with foods supply(no job,but forced social welfare life 800$/month) and also with insidious torture(frequent noise ,air contamination violence psychological threats,thefts in dairy life)in US NAVY base city Yokosuka in Japan.
    My very important contribution in science-technology had been suppressed to publish.Those are criminal,but not penalty for them.
    These are entirely lawless nation occupied US military.

    If you consider it useful for your action,I will testimony those.
    Those exact details must be disclosed in my website hereafter.


  9. The US empire has brought death and misery to millions of innocent people in the world. There must be a better way forward for humankind than this.

  10. World will be a much better and saver place without all these US bases in so many foreign countries!

  11. Thank you so much for starting this campaign – hopefully it will be the beginning of a new mass movement toward real freedom and democracy in our world.

  12. It is long past time to close USA forgien base. They are used to increase tensions are the world. They underpin our imperialist war that are illegal which result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands
    Innocent civilly especially children.

  13. Just take a moment to put yourselves in the shoes of people and other lands these bases come in fully loaded with men trained to kill not conducive to a family life although people do it The very fact of killers around you has to give you psychological pause and I ask how many of us would allow foreigners to base on our soil.

  14. I would like to see the 4th of July become international “Independence from America Day”, with worldwide protests against the military occupation of the world via US military bases.

  15. If this country were to unilaterally begin to disarm and announce it to the world, it could be the beginning of a peace movement that could change everything. Today this country is being ruled by corporations grown wealthy over making arms and they would fight such a movement but the environmentalists and peace people and even some churches could make it happen.

  16. The US is the greatest threat to world peace and ever will be as long as it uses aggression as an alternative to diplomacy and intimidation in favour of accord.

  17. For a very long time I have been an advocate of the removal of all USA military bases worldwide and now more than ever.

  18. For once make the american people great. No more money for war. No more money for spying on own population. Money for domestic needs. Medicare for all, Free education, decent housing, decent jobs, everyone should be able to live with dignity.

  19. The war-empire boosting the Trumpadm/Pentagon/Wall Street imperialism
    “the United States maintains the highest number of military bases outside its territory, estimated at almost 1000 (95% of all foreign military bases in the world). . . . In addition, the United States has 19 Naval air carriers (and 15 more planned), each as part of a Carrier Strike Group, composed of roughly 7,500 personnel, and a carrier air wing of 65 to 70 aircraft – each of which can be considered a floating military base.”

  20. The world could be Better without USA, Israel and its Western NATO partners. The world yearns for Love, Peace and Freedom.
    We are deprived Sanity by the USA warmongers and their partners.

  21. Tomorrow is the 72nd anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki – people around the world will be marching to condemn this horrific bombing and call for a ban on nuclear weapons. Sadly in the 72 years since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, too many governments of this world have learned nothing and instead of negating their arsenals of weapons of mass destruction they have escalated them. We really need to get rid of the US bases on foreign soils.

  22. US military Camp ”Bondsteel” illegally occupy serbian territory in serbian cradle – province Kosovo i Metohija.
    Food, even water in camp they import from Italy, because in Kosovo, as well as in South Serbia, everything is poisoned with depleted uranium delivered with NATO bombs 1999. In a meantime, death rate from cancer deseases multiply.
    P.S. P.S.
    At the proposal of the Serbian Royal Academy, (with the blessing of the Serbian patriarch), a legal team is in the process of forming a lawsuit against NATO member states, a participant in aggression against FR Yugoslavia in 1999 (twenty countries that are directly or indirectly participated in aggression).

    1. I did not know about the depleted uranium use in Serbia. What a crime! And for what! This is truly insane. Infuriating. Please persist with the lawsuit!

  23. For too long the u.s.has flouted international law,displacing whole communities,in some cases,whole areas(Diego Garcia),they have no regard for the laws of sovereign countries/states,& constantly abuse the local people,May this initiative,help to motivate everyone to action regarding this insidious colonialism.

  24. So blissful that AT LAST we are able to speak with one voice against ALL U.S. BASES and TROOPS outside of their own U.S. state borders (if they persist in using them anywhere).

  25. I cannot say it better than the Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases states in their Unity Statement :–

    “US foreign military bases are “the principal instruments of imperial global domination and environmental damage through wars of aggression and occupation, and that the closure of US foreign military bases is one of the first necessary steps toward a just, peaceful and sustainable world.”
    [ see more: http://russia-insider.com/en/politics/sign-petition-close-all-us-military-bases-foreign-soil/ri20580?utm_referrer=https%3A//zen.yandex.com%5D

    Humanity Unite! The time is NOW!

  26. It’ time of a real change !! Russia did the first step and now is the time for America to take responsibility in the peace process without bully who has other idea about .politics !!!!

  27. The U.S. has been taken over by the globalist establishment in both political parties. It is time to bring our troops home and close the foreign bases. It is time to quit poking the bear and give Trump a chance to foster better relations between the U.S. and Russia. Russia has not attacked anyone. They are currently surrounded by the globalist warmongers.

  28. US, shot your bases throughout the world. Your security is not at stake, there are no excuses . Humanity demands !

  29. Our world is in a very dangerous and precarious condition because of the militarism of the US empire. It is time to dismantle it and focus our collective effort on saving the planet’s ecosystems from collapse and reversing the huge economic inequality created by militarism and the corporate capitalism to which it is linked.

  30. No one country needs military bases across the globe unless that one country has the intent to coerce other countries to bend to its will.

  31. ich bin gegen alle militärische US-Basen im Ausland und fordere deshalb die Schließung dieser Militärbasen, auch in Deutschland / Germany
    Sie führen zu unnötigen und erhöhten Spannungen zwischen der USA und dem Rest der Welt.

    “Der ungerechteste Frieden ist immer noch besser
    als der gerechteste Krieg”,
    schrieb Marcus Tullius Cicero.

    “The most unjust peace is still better
    As the most just war ”
    Wrote Marcus Tullius Cicero.

  32. When nations and leaders have absolute power, they think in one way, not with sense of rationality but with arrogance and complete disregard to the interests of the mankind.

  33. Since when did the Department of Defense become the Department of Offense, or worse, the Department of Illegal, Unconstitutional War. Sadly, these bases have become a global network of transit points to move virtually anything, anywhere, anytime and stick the US taxpayers with the bill. Such things can include legal and illegal items– weapons, people, drugs, cash and virtually anything else. With some $80b in highly compartimentalized “intelligence services” operating with 300k people, God only knows how they piggyback on this unthinkably large and opaque network and hide all activity from oversight and scrutiny under the Orwellian phrase “National Security.” This entire, offensive, treasonous infrastructure should be dismantled immediately. The combined firepower of our fleet of of carriers and subs is enough to respond anywhere in the world if our security is genuinely threatened.

  34. The US Pentagon and military industrial complex is controlled by the Zionist Rothschild Banking Criminal Cabal through the use of pedophilia—-this is Satanic…..

  35. Just a concerned taxpaying citizen who is fed up with the American imperialist military industrial complex.

  36. I am a former Naval Aviator (1955-59) who flew patrols up and down the Far Eastern
    Soviet coastline during the period 11/56-2/59. We made numerous contacts with the Soviet Air Force (Mig-17s), but surprisingly they were never hostile. I appreciate the fact that I didn’t get shot down.

    As a result of that experience I took up studies in Russian history and language when I returned to college. In the summer of 1960 I worked on the farm at the Tolstoy Foundation estate in Nyack, NY, where I became acquainted with the Head of the Foundation, Alexandra Tolstoy, Leo Tolstoy’s youngest daughter.

    I now live in Brooklyn, NY.

  37. The US is at War since its existence,destroying countries nations,regime change policies,arming nationalists,opposition groups even hard line ”Islamist” rebels,and terror groups..Just like in Syria Libya and elsewhere..It have to stop..

  38. Apoyo todas las ideas para lograr que los EU desmantelen todas las bases que tienen alrededor del mundo. Son una verdadera amenaza para la paz y para los propios países donde están ubicadas.

  39. WE will bring HOPE to all suffering People all over the World. Just knowing, that WE, the People are only a little Drop in the Ocean of Human Mankind…. It is a a great Aim, and I feel for myself, that it will last my hole Life. But never give up.
    “Get Up… Stand up, stand up for your right`s.” — Bob Marley
    The People of this Time have to be stronger than in the Past.
    We have the Chance to learn.
    –> german-> Körper Geist und Seele gesund erhalten und Uns verbinden mit anderen lebendigen Seele. Für mich gehören dazu auch Tiere und Pflanzen. – Frieden – Peace –

  40. It is extremely disappointing that we in the US can think of nothing but war and cause so much death and suffering in the world.

  41. With those bases in most countries, you are helping the dictator regimes like” Bahraini’s regime” against their own people. Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad—from giant “Little Americas” too small radar facilities. Britain, France, and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined.

    By calculation, maintaining bases and troops overseas cost $85 to $100 billion in the fiscal year 2014; the total with bases and troops in war zones is $160 to $200 billion.

    These costs have heightened debate over whether the United States needs so many bases abroad: What effect do they have around the world, and are they really making us safer?

  42. With those bases in most countries, U.S.A is helping the dictator regimes like” Bahraini’s regime” against their own people. Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries and territories abroad—from giant “Little Americas” to “small radar facilities”. Britain, France, and Russia, by contrast, have about 30 foreign bases combined.

    By my calculation, maintaining bases and troops overseas cost $85 to $100 billion in the fiscal year 2014; the total with bases and troops in war zones is $160 to $200 billion.

    These costs have heightened debate over whether the United States needs so many bases abroad: What effect do they have around the world, and are they really making us safer?

  43. This action requires the involvement of people living in war-affected areas so, on one hand, they become aware that military intervention and government decisions do not represent the will of the people.
    At the same time, in order for any attempts of weakening the system to be successful, a strategy should be created and the unions should file against the government and military and drag them to courts.
    Address any media means from any corner of the world to draw great attention. It will make them weaker, they’ll start losing power.
    Once the case is won, take the money they lost and redirect to affected areas to start a new concept of society, well planned by the people, for the people in advance.

  44. Israel is a Western/US military base, conceived and fostered/sponsored by Great Britain as buffer to the Ottoman Empire.
    Now Israel supported by massive US aid commits war crimes against the Palestinians who have lived there for a 1000 years: apartheid, genocide, ethnic cleansing, occupation/settlements; 430 to 972 Palestinian villages, settlements, communities destroyed;700K to 7M people expelled/displaced. US elected officials including Senator Warren and Senator Sanders are complicit in these war crimes..talk is cheap; they don’t DO anything! Why? America is Israel’s Bitch: ADF, AIPAC, Pro Israel lobby/money.

  45. We have neither the moral authority nor the financial resources to act as a self appointed “policeman of the world”

  46. Our foreign bases make us less safe and waste valuable resources. Time to pivot to domestic “defenses”

  47. Let’s make war what Einstein called an unnecessary aberration of the past by eliminating standing armies and using those proceeds for far better endeavors.
    Any civilization that spends more on war than education and peace is anything but civilized!!!

  48. How has preparing for, waging and dealing with the aftermath of wars made us and the world safer? The plethora of US bases in foreign lands is a terrible waste of our resources. Those who demonstrated against those bases should be thanked, not prosecuted.

  49. No more foreign bases and no more war. We will achieve world peace when we each make compassion our priority. Every sentient being deserves freedom and to be treated with compassion and empathy. I live in the US and am not proud of my country’s history, our country is currently divided and I fear there is no resolution to all of this conflict that will end in world peace.

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